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The Metropolitan Poll Vol. 10: The Johnnies Keep Rolling

What a week for our Metro Teams. Some big upsets in the Big East, a breath of life in the A-10, and an all-out war in the NEC has given our pundits plenty to think over this week.

The Poll

Our top four remains the same this week, but there was plenty of action in the bottom half of the poll. Fordham eeks their way up the rankings as they grab their second win of the year against La Salle. Call me a homer, but I think they can only improve going forward under DePaoli. Frequently finding themselves in the top 4, Manhattan continues to slide as they struggle in the MAAC.

Amending My Take on St. John's

I'd like to emphasize that I am "amending" my end-of-season prediction for the Johnnies, and not retracting it. Despite their current win-streak, I think an at-large bid for the NCAA Tournament is still a stretch due to how good the Big East is this year. Their best bet is still an NIT bid, where their possible seeding continues to increase. That being said, if they can keep up their current hot streak, I don't think it'd be crazy to roll a tv into Carnesecca Arena for a Selection Sunday watch party.

If I were to pinpoint one player as the catalyst for this streak, it'd be Posh Alexander. St. John's is a talented team, no doubt, but Alexander has been emblematic of why the Red Storm has been so hot. Any time you see a scrappy defensive play or a scoring opportunity derived from the transition, Alexander is at the center of it. He doesn't even need to be flashy either on his assists either; Posh just knows how to find his man and be a leader on the court.


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