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The Psychology of Children Who Murder

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Psychologists around the world have long asked the question “Why do children, naturally so innocent and sweet, commit heinous acts such as murder, torture and brutality?” There has never been a clear cut answer as to why, but psychologists have come up with a few different theories.

This week, Kelsie dives into a few cases where children are convicted of murdering strangers, friends and even family members and we discuss some seriously spooky happenings. We also cover the theories that psychologists have and what they believe to be the cause of these disturbed actions from the youth.

When you hear of an instance where a child commits a seriously gruesome crime, your first question is often “How?” or “What made them do that?” and for obvious reasons it comes across as shocking and disturbing. You also may ask yourself the question “Where was the turning point for this kid? What was it that made them do something like this?” However, from research psychologists as well as your favorite dynamic duo (us, hi!) have done, there is no clear cut evidence that solidifies what it is that makes a child commit a crime, let alone murder. Some theories that psychologists have are that these kids have endured abuse, neglect, assault, trauma, or other awful upbringings or experiences. However, it has been found that there are many children who have had an almost “normal” upbringing, with a happy and loving family and no past experiences that would cause such disturbing behavior.

In this episode we walk through the case of America’s youngest convicted serial killer, which happened to reside in the heart of where Kill and Tell was born, Boston, Massachusetts. From there, we walk through the Medicine Hat murders and things get real weird.

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