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The team will have a name! Betting odds on what the Washington Football Team will be called.

The time has come. Since the start of the 2020 season, Washington has transitioned from their original controversial name to name without a name. They kept the colors and began dawning a W as their logo, but now they have come up with a decision.

To be honest, I've started to like the Washington Football Team as a name. Very futbol-esque and simplistic. Obviously they are going to need a true name, and we will find out on Ground Hogs Day. Wait... could it actually be the Ground Hogs?!

Odds Checker released their initial odds a few months ago. We can cross of two names right off the bat. Unfortunately Football Team (+250) won't remain the name, but that would be pretty wild if they hyped this all up just to keep the name. Also Redwolves or Wolves will not be the name due to copyright issues. That sucks too, because the fan concepts created were so clean.

Photo: Odds Checker

Photo: Washington Journey

Among 40,000+ fan submissions, CEO Tanya Snyder has stated the following eight are the finalist choices. Admirals, Armada, Brigade, Commanders, Defenders, Presidents, Redhawks, Red Hogs and Sentinels.

Now looking at their video, it doesn't give you much, but they are sticking with their colors, and you can see some starts in their jerseys.

If we are using this as our only source of guessing, you can probably remove the RedHawks and Red Hogs. That leaves all of the military-based concepts.

I've listed them below in my personal ranking. The domain name “WashingtonCommanders” was created just a half-hour before the press release in July that announced the original name change from the Redskins.

  1. Commanders

  2. Defenders

  3. Sentinels

  4. Admirals

  5. Armada

  6. Bridgade

  7. Presidents

Some books have Commanders as +300. What do you think will get chosen?

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