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There are exciting things happening at ReserveBar, and President Derek Correia is here to share!

Derek Correia took years of experience in high-level Marketing roles at Pizza Hut, Burger King, and Renaissance Cruises and helped grow one of the most revolutionary products the 2000's have seen in the alcohol market.

Derek, the President at ReserveBar, joins the show this week to tell us all about the exciting things happening at the nation's leading e-commerce platform for premium and luxury alcoholic beverages. Derek tells us about the most impactful experiences he had at his previous stops in Corporate America, his entry to ReserveBar, and his day-to-day running the organization.

He stresses the importance of the "e-commerce everywhere" strategy and enhancing the buyer journey when it comes to the world's most sought-after spirits & liquors. There are exciting things happening at ReserveBar that Derek breaks down for us, including the acquisition of MiniBar Delivery & the development of the content platform Get Stocked.


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