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Thoughts on the Celtic’s First Ten Games

Well we’re ten games into the season and the Celtic’s are off to a hot start going 7-3. I’m writing this blog on Sunday right after the Heat/Celtics game got cancelled so hopefully it cheers anyone reading this up.

Jaylen Brown: En Fuego

Jaylen came out the gates giving a big fat middle finger to everyone who included him in their imaginary Harden trades (current company included). He has been the best player on the team through the first 10 games. I had concerns about his ability to shoot the ball with consistency with an expanded role but so far he has proven me foolish. He is shooting the ball at career high marks in all 3 major categories (3pt%, 2pt%, and FT%) by a large margin. While it can be expected for him to come down to earth a little bit, don’t be surprised if he shoots over 40% from 3 and 75% from the line this season. He has improved his passing as well as taking on a vocal leadership role both internally and externally. His relationship so far with Payton Pritchard reminds me of Jimmy and Tyler Herro. I love stealing from our opponents!

The Too Big Lineup

This starting lineup with Theis and Thompson just hasn’t been very good. Theis took an absolute beating last year and with a short turn around to this season, it’s clear he needs some time to rest. He’s been a step slow on defense and looks completely out of his element as a 4 in the offense. The biggest detriment however is his passing. There have been many times when the ball has gotten to him out on the perimeter and he just stands there frozen or misses a wide open pass to a teammate. I think we should be starting Grant at the 4 until Kemba comes back. Grants shooting and passing should open things up on offense and defensively he should match up better with quicker players at the 4. We can run a 3 big rotation with Thompson, Theis, and Timelord, who has played the best of the bunch so far this season.

Semi = Fool’s gold?

In prior seasons whenever Semi caught the ball my blood pressure would immediately spike. All we needed from him was to knock down open threes but oftentimes he would put the ball on the floor and try and make something happen only to end up turning it over. These first 10 games we have seen a completely different version of him. He’s been euro stepping on the break and splashing in spot up threes. I’m dubious on whether or not he can continue to shoot the ball this well but if he does he will be a very valuable piece in our rotation. The best part about it is him playing well puts pressure on Grant and Romeo (when he comes back from injury) to perform.


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