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Tiger Woods and Nike part ways. Where is the GOAT going to take his talents?

It's why we wear red on Sundays. After 27 years, the iconic partnership with Tiger Woods and Nike has come to an end.

Back in 1996, a young Tiger Woods, fresh off a US AM win, signed a five-year $40 million deal with the Nike brand. According to ESPN, Woods and Nike extended their relationship with a five-year, $100 million contract in 2001 (which was one of the largest sponsorship deals in sports history), and an eight-year deal reportedly worth between $20-40 million annually was signed in 2006. He later extended that deal in 2013, which resulted in a whopping 10 years and $200 million. Today we found out, that their relationship is over.

It was bound to happen, especially after Nike stopped making golf equipment but continued to sign major golfers back in 2016. Nike is now seeing an exodus as well. PGA Championship winner Jason Day announced last week he would also be leaving Nike for the relative newcomer in sports apparel, Malbon Golf. His son Charlie, also signed with Greyson Clothiers, rather than Nike. We don't know who initiated the breakup, but could Nike be the one opting to put their money elsewhere? Tiger isn't the same as he was in the past, and even though he is one of the best to ever do it, he might not be the athlete they want to dedicate hundreds of millions too.

Either way, it's a major shakeup in the sports endorsement landscape, and the question stands. Who, if anyone, will bear the rights to dawn the TW brand? Here are my initial thoughts.


TW, As It's Own Brand

Golf isn't forever, and Tiger Woods is a business-savvy athlete. Could he take on the challenge and start his own clothing line? I don't hate the concept, but it's definitely ambitious.

Another Current Sponsor: TaylorMade

Tiger joined the TaylorMade Team in 2017. He collaborated with their engineering team to develop the acclaimed P·7TW irons before claiming his fifth green jacket in 2019. Also, in marketing 101, you can flip the TM to TW... boom. This could be a no-brainer.

Greyson Clothiers

Charlie has reportedly signed with the brand, could his dad follow suit? In terms of a business standpoint, Tiger could also claim equity in the brand, which is what his close friend Justin Thomas has with Greyson.

Barstool Sports x ForePlay

Definitely out there, but is it really out of the question? Crazier things have happened, and Tiger has blossomed a close friendship with Riggs, Frankie, and Trent. They have done videos together, Barstool has a partnership with TaylorMade, and they have even created multiple pieces of Tiger clothing in their apparel store. Who says no?


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