Tom Brady did it again - check out this SWEET golf shot

You've more than likely seen it by now. Tom Brady's indulging in one of his pastimes - golfing - and he's got a few of his buddies, a drone, and a good lie from not too far out.

Nothing crazy could possibly happen here...right??

Think again.

This dude legitimately lives the life. Tom Brady is 44 years old, just inked a massive $375 million deal with FOX to be an analyst after he decides to hang up the cleats (whenever that might be), a beautiful wife in Giselle Bundchen, a family, and 7 Super Bowl rings.

Now, he's the centerpiece of - bar none - the most exceptional video I've ever seen of someone playing golf. Ever! No 4K camera on CBS golf broadcasts competes with this drone footage. The pilot timed it up perfectly to when Tom hit the ball, and had it sinking on a dime.

This dude is the greatest human on earth. Unbelievable stuff.


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