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Travis Scott and...Rob Manfred?! An unlikely duo.

For some odd reason, MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred and Travis Scott are just vibing with each other. Spotted on Travis's IG, Manfred is straight vibing with that shit-eating-grin. Why the hangout? Do you think Travis Scott is down for 7-inning doubleheaders and pitcher checks? What are the conversations that these two might have? I feel like there are a lot of Travis Scott bars that fit into the life of Manfred.

“They tryna say that all my problems are improbable. They keep itching at my spirit, I'm diabolical.”

“Don't need no vacation, I need a replacement.”

“If you fall for the games then you’re the one playing.”

I mean, I guess it makes sense. Travis Scott is a very well-known Astros fan. He's probably showing the "Don" some respect for not giving them the motherload of punishment for their cheating scandal. Either way, this is just weird. 2021 man...

Photo: Travis Scott Instagram


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