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Trevor Lawrence throws 4 picks, as the Titans steamroll the Jaguars, 20-0.

If you told anyone this offseason that the Tennessee Titans would shut a team out, but only score 20 points, with zero passing TD’s, and Derrick Henry having none of the 2 rushing touchdowns, they would think you were crazy. But that is what the Titans did. With Henry still out, the defense has stepped up big time, as they shut out the Jaguars, 20-0. They blew up the run game, as star James Robinson only had 6 rushes for 5 yards,

Photo: Steve Roberts / USA TODAY Sports

and Trevor Lawerence threw 4 picks. It’s safe to say that the Urban Meyer experiment is a disaster to this point…

Game Recap

The Titans got the ball to start the game, and they scored right away. It was a good drive, with Ryan Tannehill finding Julio Jones once, and extending the drive with his legs. On that scramble, he drew a flag, as he was hit as he was sliding, putting the ball in the red zone. Tennessee scored on a 5-yard rush from Derrick Henry Jr, D’Onta Foreman.

Photo: Mark Zaleski / Associated Press

Randy Bullock made the PAT to make the score 7-0. The Jags got a first down, but then punted on their first drive. The Titans got into Jags territory, but Bullock missed a 47-yard field goal, and the score stayed at 7-0. He cannot be missing under 50-yarders the way he has recently. The Tennessee defense got Jacksonville to punt again, but the Jags defense was stingy as well. Tannehill and the rest of the Titans offense went on an 8-minute, 15-play drive that ended in Bullock hitting a 44-yard field goal. In the playoffs, the Titans have to bury the defense in that situation. Given, we will have AJ Brown back, and most likely the King back as well, so it will be a little easier to score. The rest of the half was uneventful, as the Jaguars and the Titans traded punts, before Trevor connected with Marvin Jones for 31-yards, but by then there was no time left. At the half, it was 10-zip, Tennessee.

Now, this is where the fun begins……. On the first drive of the 2nd half, Rashaan Evans picked Lawrence off. Finally, Evans comes back from his ankle issue, and gets a pick! This is very encouraging, as he is a primary run stopper. This means that the Tennessee defense is coming together really well. The offense punted the ball away, but the D wasn’t done. They got Jacksonville to give the ball right back on a punt, and finally, the offense cashed in. This time it was Ryan TanneWheels on a 5-yard scramble, on 3rd-down! On the Jags next drive, it was Jayon Brown who got in on the fun, and he picked Lawrence off!

Photo: Christopher Hanewinkel / USA TODAY Sports

This time it was one of the best pass coverage linebackers in the league making his mark felt. Of course the short-handed offense gave the ball back, but it didn’t matter, because this time Mr. Kristian Fulton himself got an INT. It was lockdown time in Fulton County Jail!

Photo: Wade Payne / Associated Press

The next three drives were uneventful, as the Titans punted, then the Jags punted, and finally, the Titans punted again, before Trevor threw his final pick. The final pick was caught by former Jet, Buster Skrine! Where are my Jets fans at!!! The offense turned it into a final field goal, a 29-yarder. The Jaguars turned it over on downs, before the Titans kneeled it to end the game. Titans (9-4) 20, Jaguars (2-11) 0.

My Thoughts

Julio Jones is struggling and it is really concerning. It may be a scheme issue, or a chemistry issue with Tannehill, but they need to get it figured out by next week, which is the last one without AJ Brown.

The defense is top-5. They are relentless. When it’s January and Henry’s back, and the offense is clicking, and then this defense suffocates the opposing offenses, look out! They have Super Bowl potential.

The kicking situation has to be figured out. I know that it will be in the offseason, but please J-Rob, please, fix it, we are all begging you.

The offense has to stay afloat until they are fully healthy. That is the only way they will have a chance at the 1 seed.

Fantasy Performer of the Week

This weeks fantasy performer of the week goes to, drumroll please………… the Titans defense, with 24.40 points! I would pick them up if you can, as their schedule becomes easier from here on out.

Photo: Christopher Hanewinkel / USA TODAY Sports

MVP, Improvement, Breakout, and What’s Next

My MVP of the game goes to the defense, obviously. They played great, and have to keep going, as they will need some big games from them. My Improvement goes to Julio and the rest of the offense. I say this every week. Please Todd Downing, get Julio involved. We need him. My Breakout for next game goes to, D’Onta Foreman. Visiting the Steelers next week, he could be primed for a big game,as the weather could be cold. As I said, the Titans will visit the Steelers next week for a big game for both sides, as the poor Jaguars host the Texans for the battle for whoever gets a better draft pick.


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