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We've got the perfect Christmas gift for you. We're Manscaped Partners! Use code "HOUSE" for 20% off

Have you heard the news?! We’re proud to present Manscaped as our newest partner! What guy (or gal) wouldn’t want The Right Tools for The Job?! The Holiday season is right around the corner, and Manscaped has the best gifts for you or your loved ones. If we're talking high end grooming technology, Manscaped is the go to.

The Performance Package 4.0. includes the newest Lawn Mower. The fourth generation groin and body trimmer features cutting-edge ceramic blades to reduce grooming accidents thanks to their advanced SkinSafe™ Technology. The Performance Package 4.0. also includes the Weed Whacker, a nose and ear trimmer for the toughest weeds. It's waterproof and features shock resistant housing to deliver maximum performance and confidence. The package also includes the brand’s top-selling formulations that are all Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Dye-Free, Sulfate-Free and Paraben-Free. The Crop Preserver ball deodorant helps create an anti-chafing barrier and provides long-lasting freshness below-the-waist. And it comes with a free premium travel bag, The Shed, and a free pair of anti-chafing boxers!

This is the perfect tool to trim your bush. Trust us, your balls will thank you later! Head over to, or use the code HOUSE at checkout for 20% off AND free shipping on your order. Just in time for Christmas, too!


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