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Well, I guess this goodbye old pal. Is Twitter signing off after Musk closes doors after mass quits?

I would embed this, but it isn't working / is Twitter actually broken now?

The plot thickens and the internet is in an absolute frenzy. After a disastrous rollout of Twitter Blue, Elon Musk doubled down on his call of rebuilding the internal team and gave employees an ultimatum today. No more remote work was one factor, and secondly, if employees wanted to be part of the new era from the company.

The employees had until 2pm PT on Thursday to select "yes" on a Google Form to the question of whether they wanted to stay at Twitter. Responses were surprisingly bad. Team slack channels sent salute emojis as employees quit by the hundreds.

Big Yikes.

In response, Twitter had to make the decision to close its doors until at least November 21st. However reports say that Musk and his leadership team are "terrified" that employees will attempt to sabotage the company, and that they are still trying to work out which employees they need to cut access for.

We already know that's going to be pushed passed Thanksgiving. So with that being said, is Twitter just run with no support right now? Like what is going on?

Musk, who said earlier this week that he is going to look for a new head of the platform, is saying that Twitter 2.0 will be better. He says it's a cultural reset, but it will be interesting to see what that means. Obviously my blog title is a joke. Twitter isn't going anywhere, but it's going to be hard to recover (or is it?) with more than half of Twitter's 7,500 member workforce having resigned or been fired.

So where is the internet village of commentary going to go? I mean Reddit can become an absolute monster if they fix their UI mobile. Instagram can regain some ground, but is OnlyFans the play? I mean, nobody is flocking back to Facebook anytime soon. We are about to witness a renaissance in social media. Buckle up.


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