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What's going on with the Washington Wizards?

First off, this is INSANE that this is going on in a preseason game. The Wizards took on the Knicks at the Garden where Jordan Poole exploded for 41 points. From the video it looks like Wizards player Deni Advija was not happy with Poole ball hogging. His body language just looks furious at Poole for not passing the ball. Poole made the shot and was literally SCORCHING in this game.

It looks like they also went at it a bit on the bench probably after the possession.

Beefing over not getting the ball in a PRESEASON game is wild. It will be interesting to see how this all unfolds this season. In my opinion, Poole was like the third or fourth option on the Warriors and now he wants to run the show which is totally fine. The Wizards legit stink after losing Bradley Beal and Porzingis and are in a rebuild year. Their best players are Kuzma and Poole which means they absolutely stink. Their win total right now on FanDuel is 24.5. Poole should honestly be able to run the show this year and do what he wants after a brutal year with the Warriors after Draymond punched him.

Also, Poole got traded for a WASHED CHRIS PAUL. If I got traded for a washed 45 year old 0 ring loser, I would use that as the best motivation and I hope Poole does.


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