Words of Wisdom, with Tori Perrotti, aka TargetTori

In a week and night of division, hate, and angst, I think we could all use some nonpolitical positivity. The reason we have a Positivity Corner on the podcast is to bring light during these dark times. My inspiration for that segment was from fellow Bryant University graduate, Tori Perrotti.

Photo: Good.Is / @RealTargetTori

Photo: Troy Vader / @RealTargetTori

Let's rewind back to January. It was an ordinary day of work for Tori, who was an Executive Team Lead at a Swansea Target. That was until Mr. Daivd Leavitt attempted to embarrass Tori after a price dispute, thus capturing this photo turned meme.

The toothbrush displayed was actually on sale for $89.99. Leavitt however, insisted he should be able to purchase it for the next-to-nothing display price. When Tori refused to sell the brush for only a cent, Leavitt called the police and aired his grievance. The social media post backfired on him, and an outpour of support flooded to Tari, who then became TargetTori. The support turned into a fundraiser, which provided her with a $30,000 vacation fund.

She took this social media fame and began helping others and offering kind words. This evolved into her latest movement, "Pause. Be Kind", with the mission to deliver moments of inspiration through positivity and kindness.

Here are her words of wisdom.

“Be Kind. We can be better to one another. We need to stop assuming the worse in people. Everyone is going through something, and we can’t assume that you are the only one having a bad day. I want everyone to pause before they react and be kind.”

It is not humanly possible to be happy and positive all the time, but we can all agree that collectively we need to do better.

We spoke with Tori in one of our early episodes, and her full story and interview could be found here.

Follow along her journey, and continue to spread positivity! #PauseBeKind

Twitter - @RealTargetTori

Website - PauseBeKind