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44 Days in Hell - The Junko Furuta Story


I know we love to keep it local, but today my spooky ladies and gents, we are headed to Japan.

Now for those of you who get a little queasy listening to gruesome cases this is your time to head over to one of our previous episodes or maybe go check out our instagram. Trigger warning to the listeners who have stayed around to hear this case, this case involves severe sexual violence, assault, and torture.

Junko Furuta was a 17 year old high school girl. She attended Yashio-Minami High School and lived in Misato Japan. Junko lived with her parents and two brothers. Junko attended school full time and had a part time job. She was described as well liked, kind, and had a good head on her shoulders as she strayed away from the party scene that many high school kids fall into.

On November 25th 1988 Junko left work on her bike. As she made her way home she passed some bushes, when she was thrown off her bike by a boy close in age. Before Junko could piece together what had happened he ran off and her classmate Hiroshi Miyano who was 18 offered her a hand. He helped the girl up and asked her if she would like him to walk her home. Junko agreed and they headed off.

However, once they began walking, Hiroshi led Junko to an abandoned building. Once they arrived Hiroshi became increasingly upset with Junko. He threatened her that he was a part of the Yakuza which is basically the Japanese Mafia and if she didn’t do what he said he would have her killed by them.




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