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A 22-year-old pretended to be a JV basketball player and it was the most obvious thing ever

This is the funniest story ever. I guess a 22 year old assistant coach pretended to be a player and sub in for another girl who was away at a club basketball tournament. If you watch the video, it is the most obvious thing ever. The 22 year old is towering over the other kids and is 100000x better than everyone else.

The 22 year old has been fired and the team decided to just end their season as well. The players, along with the parents, chose to opt out of the remainder of the season. An article said that the varsity coach was encouraging the behavior and was pushing for the 22 year old to get in the game.

The school has launched an investigation into the matter. I guess also the parents of the 13 year olds are beyond pissed because their daughters just got absoutely destroyed by a 22 year old in a JV game.

"Coaches always preach to the kids about integrity and those types of things, so I was just shocked,” the father of the 13-year-old said.

This family is also pulling their kid out of this school and have already started looking for new options.

Big YIKES. For me, I wonder like is it really worth it to pull this s**t for a JV basketball game? I hope that win was worth it.

It honestly reminds me of in the movie "Benchwarmers" when the 30 year old plays with the kids and shows the tiny slip of paper that says "I am 12."


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