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A brand is reborn. Introducing, House of College Hoops.

Almost a year ago, we announced the acquisition of College Hoops Digest. We were excited to build off what Josh Adams and team created over the past decade. Jumping right into the mix, we began streaming weekly gambling picks, covered dozens of teams like the Providence Friars, St. Peter Peacocks, and Bryant Bulldogs go dancing. We grew the brand, wrote hundreds of blogs, and made a name for ourselves.

This year, we're ready to take the sport by storm. With the help of our friend, John Fanta, we're here to announce to you a new era of College Hoops Digest.

Realigned to the House name and jammed packed with new content, House of College Hoops will be the premiere stop for basketball coverage, betting picks, and more.

The rebrand is just the beginning. We've got more big news coming to you all next week. New content. New members. New things brewing.

This is House of College Hoops.


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