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Acquisition News: Introducing the latest brand under the House umbrella; College Hoops Digest!


Millions tune in to College Basketball games all season, leading up to the "Big Dance" in the spring, the holy grail of sports, March Madness. College Hoops is slated tomorrow, and we have some exciting news in the House Enterprise world just in time for the season. We are happy to announce the newest addition to our brand, College Hoops Digest!

College Hoops Digest was founded in 2012 by New York-area sports writers & college basketball fans. It quickly became the premier site for college hoops news, coverage, and stories. Josh Adams, the founder and editor of CHD, joined The House this fall, offering up his expertise in Ravens football. He created College Hoops Digest ( and has grown a loyal following with talented reporters on his staff. His passion for the game goes back a few years, where his first memory of college hoops was watching Villanova upset Georgetown in the 1985 Championship game. He then witnessed the rematch in person with his Dad as a 10 year old at the Philadelphia Spectrum in 1986 that went to three overtimes. Josh grew up an avid Duke fan (no apology, family went there) and still watches the Lattener shot against Kentucky on YouTube weekly. While never recruited, he is convinced he would lead Division 1 in free throw percentage. Over the years, Josh has covered the sports extensively, and has built a brand behind the ideology of "National Coverage, Local Writers".

Coming from the site, comes a talented array of writers, that will provide incredible content for this upcoming season. Brian Wilmer proudly works the Big South Conference beat, with other destinations thrown in for good measure. Dan Gardella, a Sacred Heart and Dan Patrick Show alumni, covers the Pioneers extensively through his very own "Pioneer Report". He brings over vast knowledge of the sport through his various experiences over the past few years. Connor Gereg, a family man, teacher, and coach, will be covering the UCONN Huskies. Jeff Gordon, a Texas alumni, will provide reports on the Longhorns and other national coverage as well. Finally, one of our favorite recurring guests on the "Beers, Business, and Balls" podcast, John Fanta, will be contributing to Seton Hall, BIG EAST, and National news from time to time!

Currently at House Enterprise, Jake Zimmer will continue to cover Bryant University and Providence College Hoops, Sam Basel provides insight on A10 Basketball and Fordham, and Will Tondo will be bringing in the latest on gambling trends and picks. With the infrastructure and collaboration, House Enterprise joins forces with CHD to create a titan brand of college hoops: from blogs & reactions, to podcasts & videos, and the best bets on the market. Stay tuned for what's in store. Please welcome on College Hoops Digest to the House Enterprise Family!


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