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A Trip to Tree House Brewing Company.


The caption speaks for itself. Tree House Brewing Company is the Mecca of craft beer. It's a destination for consumers around the world and the equivalent of an adult Disney World. Although an hour away from Providence, a trip to Tree House is always special treat.

We went on a Saturday, and it was the perfect crisp fall afternoon. Surprisingly, for the week of Thanksgiving, it wasn't that packed thankfully. We got a spot in the top lot, got our wristbands and pour tickets right away, and only waited ten minutes for our cans. The online ordering is smooth and seamless and the staff is always super helpful, intuitive, and positive. I mean, how can you not be when you work at the happiest beer place on earth?

Not having a Tree House pour in a minute, I wanted the best of both worlds. I got the Julius Mango and the Quadruple Shot Mocha Cold Brew Stout. The Julius was a 4.5/5 for me. Great mango flavor and juicy smooth IPA of course. The same score for the Quadruple Shot, with it's bold coffee character and strong flavor profile. Paige took a different approach and went with the Nitro Hard Latte and the Apple Cider Slushy with Blanc Rum. Honestly, both were pretty great not going to lie. Paired with the beer, Tree House was hosting a Grilled Cheese truck and a Perogies stand and I was ecstatic.

It wouldn't be a trip without a can pickup and I was ready to spend. I wanted to get a decent variety besides the Haze's and the Green's, so I snagged some stouts, German-styles, and other different IPA's.

  • Whole Bean Coffee (Paragon Espresso Blend)

  • Mega Treat (4-Pack)

  • Tree of Promise

  • Five (4-Pack)

  • Coffee Exploration (Kola Liqueur, Coffee Stouts, and Nitro Coffee)

  • Now That's What I Call Crispness (12-Pack Variety)

  • Julius 4 Ways (4-Pack Variety)

A modest haul, but it's all the minifridge can hold at the moment. We'll return for Christmas time.


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