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A young soul passes too early. Rest in Peace to Dylan Newman, #5 Forever.

Cancer Sucks.

We have all be impacted by this terrible disease in some way, shape or form; but it hurts a little more when a young soul from your hometown passes away way too early.

This past week, Dylan Newman, a Southold High School graduate and local teen who inspired his community, lost his battle to Cancer. He was 18 years old.

I didn't know Dylan personally, but my sister Samantha was friends with him. He lived down the road from us, but I quickly saw the impact he made on our little town during his fight with Ewing Sarcoma.

Signs of support were on every lawn. Students and teachers shaved their heads in unity during his battle with cancer. Dozens of fundraisers were set up and intertwined with the baseball team he was part of. Social media was posting away green hearts. The whole town of Southold was rooting for Number 5, Team Dylan.

In these sad times, I pray for his family. They made so many sacrifices the past few years, and I pray their heartbreak goes away with time. I pray for his friends, teammates, and classmates, and hope they never forget the memories they had with Dylan. I pray for the town of Southold and the North Fork community, who mourn the loss of another young soul gone too soon. And I pray for Dylan, may he be out of his suffering, and be able to play baseball once again in Heaven.

For his honor, donations to Forever 5 Foundation in Honor of Dylan Newman, 485 Gardiners Lane, Southold, NY 11971 would be appreciated.


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