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After Big Ben's podcast drop, can we close this debate?

Well, the dialogue has already been established, who is better - Eli or Ben? A question that has been circulating the crevices of the internet for years, should now finally be put to rest.

Former Steelers quarterback dropped a little newsworthy quote on his podcast, admitting that he didn't want Kenny Pickett to have immediate success last season. Big Ben had Pickett as a guest on his podcast, "Footbahlin with Ben Roethlisberger", and stated the following.

He later on said he slowly became a fan, which was nice, and the two went on to chat about a variety of things. But let's back track. Wishing on your predecessors downfall is a weird flex. You won two Super Bowls, you were franchise cornerstone and potential hall of famer, your time was coming to an end, why not just be happy that they found a new kid to take the reigns, rather than trade for an Aaron Rodgers or Russell Wilson?

You know who mentored the new quarterback and continuously rooted for his success, even after stepping off the field?

Eli Manning could have easily taken the stuck up and standoffish approach, but he didn't. That's what a leader is. So take the accolades and records aside, it's time to close the debate. Eli Manning is just a better overall guy than Big Ben.


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