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An end of an era - After 22 seasons, Tom Brady finally calls it quits.

Photo: Getty Images

The day has finally arrived! Tom Brady has retired! I can’t believe that this is happening. After 22 years of dominance, the 44-year-old GOAT finally called it quits. People who know me know that I don’t like Tom Brady, but I will admit he is the greatest football player ever, 7 Super Bowls, several records, playoff dominance, and of course one of the greatest QB-Receiver duos in history, with Rob Gronkowski. 22 seasons in any sport is absurd, especially in one like football, with all the contact and the injuries. Speaking of which he also overcame a devastating torn ACL in the 2008 season, only to win 5 more rings after it. He is a great person on and off the field, with his diet and training routine inspiring people across all age groups. His duels with rivals Peyton Manning, and Ben Roethlisberger will go down in NFL history as some of the greatest games ever. Speaking of which, his 28-3 comeback in Super Bowl LI will go down as the greatest comeback in NFL history, with him winning ring number 5. We also can’t forget his time as a Buccaneer, winning the struggling franchise their second ring, his 7th, and last. He proved to everyone how it wasn’t just Bill, and that he was the reason why the Pats won 6 championships. This day is to remember what Tom Brady has done. The comebacks, the records, the rings, and all of the other great achievements he’s had, but to also mark the end of an era of suffering for all the other fanbases besides New England and Tampa Bay.

I just want to say a quick thanks to Eli Manning, as without him, Tom would have 9 rings.

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