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Another week, another duo of athletes taking their talents to boxing. AP & Bell set to fight in July

What a world 2022 is. A headline no kid, football fan, or anyone would have ever imagined.

A imminent hall of famer and at one point his successor, two of the most electric backs in the the 2010's, have decided to pursue different athletic careers at this point of their lives. It seems to be the cool thing to do now.

The longtime Steeler, Le'Veon Bell, has bounced around the league since after holding out in 2018, but his most recent appearance was last season on the Bucs trying to ring chase. He played in three total games for the Buccaneers and caught a touchdown from Tom Brady. Before that, he had a brief stint with the Ravens.

AP still had some gas left in the tank. In 2020, he played for the Lions and tallied over 600 yards. Last season, he filled in for Derrick Henry in Tennessee for three games, scoring a touchdown. He then jumped to to Seattle for a brief stint.

Now the two turned in their cleats for gloves. Either Peterson or Bell could head to NFL training camp after this fight. It’s currently unclear whether anyone will be interested. Neither received any interest in an offseason program, which featured 90 players per team.

So with football out of sight for now, their contracts have been signed, and the heavyweight boxing exhibition will be on July 30th in Los Angeles. YouTuber Austin McBroom is holding a Social Gloves Event and it will be one of the events at the Crypto Arena this summer.

Odds Shark already has the lines set.

  • Le'Veon Bell -175

  • Adrian Peterson +135

Bell is 7 years younger, but they both are in similar size dimensions and shape. No need for ill will jokes, but AP has some fight in him after a former suspension. It's a short turnaround time for two guys who have never boxed before so I'm curious to see how this unfolds.

We've seen plenty of athletes make this switch, and I'm not sure how I feel about it.

Hasn't really worked out in their favor... Either way, I'll probably still tune in and I'll probably get a good laugh out of it. But if this is the trend with older athletes out of their primes, then these five guys I hope one day turn to fighting once their careers are over.


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