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Anyone who buys Brady's retirement sand is an absolute clown

We've all seen the Tb12 retirement video by now and some hustler found the spot he shot the clip at and bottled up the sand. They then placed the sand on eBay and social media got wind of it. Days later, it blew up, and now the price tag is a whopping $100k

There are currently 124 bids for the jar of sand, and whoever actually submitted a bid for this is a certified bozo.

According to the Miami Herald, Brady made his announcement from Surfside Beach in Miami. So I did the math for any fan-boy of Brady.


Step 1: Flight

Step 2: Mason Jar

Step 3: Hotel

Step 4: Meals/Ubers - Est. $100

Your grand total is $450.33. Still expensive for a jar of sand that a 40 year old man sat on, but you get the point. Save yourself the embarrassment and go book a trip.


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