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Apparently Pat Riley fell asleep during the NBA trade deadline and missed out on trading Kyle Lowry

The Miami Heat made ZERO moves this trade deadline. They could easily be seen as one of the biggest losers of the NBA trade deadline.

There were a lot of rumblings about how they were going to trade Kyle Lowry to the Los Angeles Clippers. The Clippers were interested in Lowry and reuniting him with Kawhi Leonard. The two won a championship together in Toronto. Kyle Lowry has been awful this year and a lot of Heat fans were anxiously waiting for him to be moved at the deadline.

According to a Bleacher Report article (shown above), the deal was pretty much done. However, in the late hours of the trade deadline, many sources stated that Pat Riley was "resting" as the Heat's front office was trying to get his approval for the deal.

If I was a Heat fan, I'd be LIVID over this. As a Clipper fan, I am ecstatic because I would have been so miserable watching the corpse of Kyle Lowry play basketball.

Earlier this season, Heat fans created a parody video for Kyle Lowry based off the WHOPPER WHOOPER Burger King ad and it is a must watch:

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