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Apple drops some"new-new". Biggest takeaways from their annual event.

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Get ready to shell more money to your favorite, Apple! The annual #AppleEvent took place this week, and they released a lot of new features in products, that sparked all over social media.

Apple TV got a revamp with a new remote and some new internal processing. The iPad Pro got a major tech upgrade and new retina display, and we now have... a purple iPhone?!

These were all nice, but the two biggest reveals may have been the new iMac and the AirTags. We also have some news regarding the podcast avenue that Apple is following.

Whole new look for the iMac

The desktop product for Apple, the iMac get's a whole new redesign, with a bright and sleek look. For starters, it is now run by Apple's M1 processor, which will make it very quiet compared to older models, and much faster. It comes in seven different colors compared to your traditional silver and white.

It is also more compact. Measuring in at 11.5mm, the new iMacs are the thinnest computers in their lineup. They still pack a 4.5k retina display, and "True Tone", the feature that makes the screen blend in with the lightning in your environment.

The new iMac has all the latest upgraded cameras, microphones, and speakers, which improves the WFH lifestyle. Finally, the keyboards that come with these computers now include TouchID, which means you can easily sign in with your fingerprint.

They are available to order on April 30th and will be ready to go by mid-May. The base price is $1,299.

Goodbye Tiles, Hello AirTag

How frustrating is it when you lose things? Keys, wallet, clothes, dignity? The solution (for most of them) was created back in 2012 with Tile. The small little keychain square had a tracking device for all your belongings. As of 2016, Tile sold over $10 million units with over $100 million in revenue.

Apple wanted to get into the game and now has taken it to the next level with the creation of the "AirTag". This wasn't groundbreaking technology for the company, as they already have the "Find My" network, which allows you to locate your iPhone and other Apple products.

This small and lightweight tag includes a Precision Finding feature, which can bring you within inches of your tag. You can label your tags too, with something simple defaults like “Keys” or “Jacket,” or provide a custom name of your choice.

The price point isn't terrible either. Available on April 30th, you can purchase one for $29 or four for $99

Podcasting News

Podcasting has evolved over the past year, and Apple is looking to capitalize more on that. Spotify has been diving into this for quite some time, boosting its global listenership to over 345 million listeners. Apple's newly designed app will now include listeners paying their favorite podcasters to unlock new content, ad-free listening, early access, or other perks. Not much more is known yet, but this is a big money win for Apple, and I am curious to see how content creators benefit as well.



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