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Bachelor with a Bro Week 10 - Hometowns! with a side of Men Tell All

Updated: May 19, 2022

Zoom Call Summary: 4 hours of great television this week! Blake gets sent home halfway through his one on one date. Tayshia double downs and sees the guys and sends home Riley. At the rose ceremony, Bennett comes back, just so he can get sent him again! Noah also gets sent home. Final Four: Zac, Ivan, Brendan, and Ben.

At the Men Tell All, Bennett and Noah spark up their lame drama. Only 8 guys are in the Tell All audience. Yosef comes back, says some crazy shit. Guys see Tayshia, she says sorry to the guys.

Chris Harrison tells the guys that their families are coming to the hotel and are quarantining. Brendan's Hometown: a carnival and got to meet his brother, sister in law, and niece. Zac's Hometown: a day in NYC and met the parents and brother. Ivan's Hometown: cooking his heritage and got to meet the parents. A surprise visit from his brother! Ben's Hometown: a day on the Venice Boardwalk and met celebrity chef Antonia Lofaso and his sister. In a shocker, Ben is the one who gets sent home. A much easier path now for #TeamZac to give the proposal at the end of this.

It was a lot of television this week. If you decided to not sit down and watch 4 hours of this amazing show, here is a full recap.


The Drama Before Men Tell All

Chris Harrison came back! Probably the biggest part of the show before the Men Tell All. Tayshia realized that she needed to get rid of guys. In her date with Blake, she realized that the chemistry wasn't there. They just didn't have the spark.

After she sent Blake home, she realized she needed to get rid of another guy before the night was over. Tayshia went and saw the guys. She grabbed Riley to talk. Riley gets sent home.

We cut to the cocktail party. The door opens and we see that Bennett is back. Bennett tells the guys that he told Tayshia he loves her (cue eye roll).

The door opens again and it is Chris Harrison. Chris Harrison tells the guys that Tayshia knows who she wants to take to Hometowns. Cut to the rose ceremony. Bennett and Noah get sent home.


Bachelorette Pick 'em Expert vs Founder

Zach's Pick 'em

Will's Pick 'em

Pre Hometown Rose Ceremony: Damn. Tondo is kicking my ass. Someone this guy guess hometowns correctly. The only way I win is if Ben gets out before the final two.

This makes me optimistic that the stuff he knows, like sports, I am going to win. Calling it now, House Enterprise March Maddess, I will be winning the challenge.

Post Hometown Rose Ceremony: Boom goes the dynamite! Sorry, Tondo. The bracket is busted. #TeamZac

Zach's Updated Pick 'em

Will's Updated Pick 'em


The Men Tell All

The Men Tell All, just like this whole season, was different. We only had 8 guys at the tell-all. Jason, Demar, Blake, Noah, Bennett, Riley, Ed, and Kenny were in the audience. A bulk of the tell-all was focused on the Noah and Bennett drama. I personally leaned towards Noah in the weak drama, just because I felt more like Noah then Bennett. It is saying something that you are 36 and you are still single and you feel the need to start drama with a 25-year-old.

The wildest drama from the Men Tell All was Yosef. Yosef came back to talk about his incredibly rude exit from the show. He decided to double down and back that what he said was justified and didn't apologize. I think everyone who saw that from last night was like, "bro wtf are you doing." A waste of breath.

Tayshia came out at the end and really only talked to Blake and Riley, the two men she sent home not in a rose ceremony. With Blake, it was obvious that they weren't going the long run. They were always behind the other relationships that were built.

With Riley, he was just a great man. He holds himself to a high standard and is a true gentleman. Riley was just not the man for Tayshia.



Brendan's Hometown

Brendan's hometown was showing Tayshia what it would be like in his small town. I have been to Milford, it isn't a small town. Also, not really sure what carnival he is going to in Milford. Anyways, he has a carnival date with his niece who joins them. They seem to have a good time.

In the night portion, it seems like Tayshia got along with the brother and sister in law. Nothing stood out as a red flag. Brendan's hometown was probably the quickest, as you blinked and it was already over.


Zac's Hometown

Zac's Hometown was all about New York City. Tayshia currently lives in LA area, but Zac is from the NYC area. Zac wanted to show Tayshia what it would be like to live in NYC. Side note, Zac said it, can't trust a girl who puts blueberries on a bagel.

In the night portion, Tayshia met Zac's parents and his brother. They seemed to have great dialogue and it seemed like they got along. As viewers, we don't get to see too much of the date, so it is speculation on if the families actually liked Tayshia and vice versa.

After their date, it seems pretty clear that Zac is the front runner.


Ivan's Hometown

Ivan shows Tayshia what it would be like to be in his family through food. His niece, who was pretty much like his daughter, tells them the recipe that they are going to make. This was probably the best day portion date out of the four.

In the night portion, Tayshia meets Ivan's parents. Tayshia seemed to not get along with the mother at all. The mom was very skeptical about the process and didn't seem to be a fan of hers.

A wild twist at the end, Ivan's brother showed up. This was probably the best part of the episode because a viewer could see how much that meant to Ivan that he was there.


Ben's Hometown

Ben's hometown was a day in the life at Venice Beach. They skated the boardwalk and hit up all the local shops along the boardwalk. It was a fun date and they seem to have a good time.

In the night portion, Tayshia met Ben's sister and close family friend chef Antonia Lofosa from the Food Network. Antonia gets out of Ben that he loves Tayshia. Ben decides to not tell Tayshia that infomartion.

Ben not telling Tayshia he loves her comes back to bite him. He gets sent home at the rose ceremony. Final 3: Ivan, Brendan, and Zac.


Next week is the end of this season! A lot in store for next week.

Thanks for reading.


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