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Bachelor with a Bro Week 12 - New Year, New Season!

Updated: May 19, 2022

Zoom Call Summary: This is going to be a good season! Matt is a great guy! Seems to be very authentic and genuine. The place they are filming is gorgeous. Matt meets 30 women. Names you should remember: Rachel, Bri, Abigail, and Queen Victoria. 3 girls went home. Link to my Bach Bracket league! (rules below)


The New Location!

They are staying at the Nemacolin Resort in Farmington, Pennsylvania.


Who is Matt James?

Matt James is 28 years old. He grew up up in North Carolina. Went to Wake Forest and played football there. Now a real estate broker in NYC. Also works with kids in the inner city called ABC food tours. His best friend is Bachelor alum Tyler C and Matt was a part of the Quarantine crew with Tyler C and Hannah B. Matt is very very tall!

Matt grew up in an inter-racial family. His mom at an early age raised him by herself.

When Matt first pulled up to the chateau, he pulled Chris away because he wanted to have a chat. The he wanted to have was about what to expect from the show and the process. Matt comes off as very genuine and speaks with nice charisma. He is going to be a good Bachelor.

During the whole show, Matt is being very honest about being the Bachelor. This is the first time in a long time that the lead is being honest about how hard it is to remember 30 people at once and what everyone said. Matt is also pretty religious.

He started off strong with his speech. Matt gave a nice prayer and a great speech to the ladies. He said some nice words and opened up and was very vulnerable right off the bat.


Girls Who Made Interesting First Impressions

These were the girls that made first impressions when they met Matt. Some were creative, some were just odd.

-Khalyah came in a pickup.

-Sydney C fell up the stairs.

-Serena brought a step stool because Matt is so tall.

-Alana did the Lady and the Tramp with Matt.

-Kaili came in lingerie and had Matt picked out what dress she should wear.

-MJ came in a pizza car and locked herself out of the car.

-Katie gave Matt her vibrator.

-Ilena brought a huge meatball so she could say "can I put my balls in your mouth".

-Kit came in a Bentley.

-Princess Victoria came in a carriage carried by men. Then she fell up the stairs.


Girls Who Stood Out

-Rachel had a strong first connection with Matt. She always has a guard up and Matt comforted her to trust the process and started being vulnerable.

-Mari was telling a super personal story and then she gets hit with a dildo.

-Queen Victoria is incredibly annoying. She is calling the other girls princesses and she is double-dipping.

-Bri had a nice conversation. She opened up pretty quickly to Matt and shared some personal stuff.

-Abigail got the first kiss. She shared how she is deaf in the walk up and Matt remembered. He was very giddy about her and they seem to have a great conversation. Abigail gets the first rose because she was very vulnerable!


Bachelor Bracket!

This season we are upgrading the Bachelor Bracket. If you would like to participate this season, join my league! You have until the start of next week's episode to build your bracket. 10 dollar buy-in! 2nd place gets their money back and 1st gets the pot. Again, if you want to play, join my league!!! Here is a trailer for the season to help you with your picks. Good luck!


Thanks for reading.


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