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Bachelor with a Bro Week 15 - The Mob Mentality Needs to Go

Updated: May 19, 2022

Zoom Call Summary: We start with a super quick group date. Had maybe 10 mins of air time. The rose ceremony has a big twist! 5 new girls join to find love. Names you should know are Brittany, Michelle, and Catalina. 3 girls get sent home.

The new week starts with a group date. 3 of the 4 new girls are on the date. The awesome Ben Higgins did a fall-themed obstacle course for the girls. Mari won the course. Bri gets the rose. No one realizes who got the rose because Anna starts the drama that the new girl Brittany is an escort.

New girl Michelle gets the one on one and they absolutely connect. They have a ball on their day portion of their date. The two went zip-lining and in a hot air balloon. In the night portion, they connected on the real, deep stuff. If you are able to change your bracket, I would have Michelle going far.

The second group date has no new girls on it. They had a boxing competition. Boxing group dates have proven to never go right so I don't know why they keep doing them. On the group date, Katie goes up to Matt because she is over this mob mentality the OGs have and told Matt that these girls are character assassinating certain girls.

For not that great of an episode, we have a lot to unpack this week. This week I am going to break out the headlines from last night's episode as well as keep you up to date with the drama that is going on in Bachelor Nation. 2020 was not kind to the Bachelor leads as they are now all single (excluding Tayshia but she was a backup lead).


The Mob Mentality

According to Urban Dictionary, a mob mentality is a group of 3 or more persons, who act with a negative group conscience to show strength in numbers. For these OG girls (self-claimed by Victoria and Anna), they have decided that since they were there first, they deserve time over the new girls. So, instead of welcoming the new girls and getting to know them, they are being super hostile and mean to them. If they should be mad they should be mad at the producers. It was not like these new girls wanted to wait in quarantine by themselves and come in a little later than you guys. Acting like a bunch of middle schoolers and is not enjoyable television.


The Timeline

Follow me on this one because this is not adding up. The girls keep saying they have been there for 3 weeks. 3 weeks means they have been shooting for 21+ days. Since night one they have not taken a break in shooting. Each day is a date or the rose ceremony. We have had 2 full weeks of dates, meaning 3 dates and a rose ceremony. So, when the OG girls are saying they have been there for 3 weeks more than the new girls, in all reality, they have been there for like 8 days more. The last time I checked, 8 does not equal 21.


Is Queen Victoria a Plant?

Follow me on this one too because I am starting to get convinced she is a plant. First, let's start with Instagram vs. reality:



I mean it is right there. These are two different people. If you look at her Instagram, she rarely mentions the Bachelor. I know she doesn't have to but like for these people who are trying to become Instagram influencers, they normally post everything about The Bachelor. They try to hold on their 15 seconds as long as possible. Also, no one interacts with other humans as she does. ALSO, when the big twist happened, Chris took Matt away from Victoria, because I guarantee the producers were like, "oh he is with the plant, go hit him with the big twist".


Bachelor Nation Drama:

I normally don't elaborate on what is going on in Bachelor Nation, but so much happened over the past couple of weeks, I wanted to give a run down. First, here are the Bachelor Nation couples that broke up in 2020:

- Carly and Evan

- Peter and Hannah Ann/Madison/Kelley

- Ashley and JP

- Garrett and Becca

- Colton and Cassie

- Chris and Krystal

- Joe and Kendall

- Chris and Bri from Listen to your Heart

- Clare and Dale

It was a rough year for Bachelor couples. We lost some good couples who had multiple kids. Ashley and JP were the first real couple to make it and were the golden Bachelor family. Then there is Peter who did not make it last with 3 of the girls he was publicly in a relationship with.

The big drama I want to dive into is the Clare and Dale drama that is going on.


The Clare and Dale Drama

Did we really think that an engagement after 14 days, 4 dates, was truly going to last. The guy was an iParty model! It was pretty clear that he wasn't on the show for the right reasons. What he wasn't expecting that the lead was going to be obsessed with him and he was going to have to propose.

So, to get back to the drama, Dale, last week decided to publically end their relationship on Instagram. He has taken it down since the post, but it pretty much said "we mutually are donezo."

Clare then responded with this post:

Everyone has their own interpretation, but it looks like Clare was blindsided by Dale posting that they broke up. After doing a little digging, here is what was supposedly going on. There were rumors that they were on the rocks after Clare met some of Dale's extended family. Supposedly they did not like her. There were also rumors that they haven't been together for a long time. They have been living two separate lives. The biggest rumor going around is Dale was cheating on Clare with his property manager.

Regardless of what was actually going on, it was clear as day that they weren't going to last. Now if Dale goes to paradise, that is going to be very telling about his intentions.


The Bachelor Bracket

We had another rose ceremony and here is the leaderboard:

Oof, Tondo buddy. Looks like you had some beginner's luck there last season. For those playing this season, please note that with the new girls you are allowed to change up your bracket before next's week episode.


What is coming up next week?

I didn't want to touch the escort drama this week as I want to see it play out next week. If nothing is resolved in next week's episode I will give a full rundown of the drama. I personally think that Anna was scared and intimidated so she wanted to make something up to help her chances to stay on as a part of the drama.

Also, girls who started off hot have cooled down. Like where has Abigail been in the past two episodes. Next week I will make my trending up/trending down picks to the girls who I think are actually connecting with him and girls who might be going home sooner than we realized.


Thanks for reading.


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