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Bachelor with a Bro Week 20 - The Women Tell All Actually Told Us Nothing

Updated: May 19, 2022

Zoom Call Summary: About 10-12 of the former contestants were back to talk about the season. Notable people missing: the final 3 (normally not at the tell-all), Magi, Sarah, and Heather (she was actually there but they cropped her out). The order of the hot seats: Brittany, Katie, Abigail, Pieper, then Serena P. The word of the episode: thankful. Everyone there was thankful for Matt and the experience. Bloopers weren't that good. The teaser for the final two episodes has me excited they will be interesting episodes.

It was weird seeing Chris Harrison hosting knowing that in the future he won't be there because we are in the present and this was filmed in the past! A real mind bender.

Below I am going to talk about a few highlights and then talk about from last night's group, who is likely coming back to a paradise or another Bachelor spin-off.


What We Missed This Season

If you remember from previous blogs, I said there were just night portions of a lot of group dates. Well, what we didn't know was there were actual day portions to those dates. Since there was so much drama this season, the producers (for the first time) cut out portions of dates and did not air them. There were a fear factor group date and a hide and seek group date that we never saw. Also, Jojo and Tayshia were at Nemacolin at some point, don't remember seeing them there.

I found it funny that Heather got cropped from the tell-all as well. It was very obvious that she was there but the producers never panned over her once.


The No Live Audience

Since there was no audience, the dynamic of the room was different. Instead of the crowd swaying how they felt about the girls, the girls were able to say whatever they wanted. For example, the girls seem to come after Katie, but if there was a live audience, they probably were going to get booed out of the room. Since they were not there, the mean girls could get away with saying a little more in the tell-all. Just a weird dynamic and we need a live audience for this to be worth watching.


Who is Paradise Bound!

The following I think will be lead characters in a paradise: Abigail, Chelsea, Katie, Pieper, Jessenia. I think MJ, Victoria, and maybe even Serena C would show up but I don't think they would be a part of a relationship in paradise. It is hard to tell what paradise will actually look like because now we have 4 seasons of people they can choose from Peter, Tayshia/Clare, Matt, and even Hannah B. There will be a ton of contestants who want to be a part of paradise so should be interesting how the producers use them.

On a different note, Abigail is now looking like a front-runner for the next Bachelorette. She has a new community who is supporting her, she is loved by everyone, and she comes from a diverse background. If she wants it, she has a good shot at being the next Bachelorette.


Thanks for reading.

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