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Bachelor with a Bro Week 22 - The Big Finale!

Updated: May 19, 2022

Zoom Call Summary: The girls meet Matt's mom and brother. Mom loves both of the girls. Cautions Matt that loves fades in and out. Michelle gets the first last date. She pours her heart out for him to send her packing right after. Matt cancels his final date with Rachael. Neil Lane comes and Matt picks a random ring. With the ring in his pocket, Matt tells Rachael he can't propose to her, but wants to keep dating after the show. Gives her the rose and they stay a couple for 15 minutes. Here are a few highlights from the After the Final Rose. One) Matt declined to talk to Michelle right after he broke up with her and didn't allow her to get that closure. Two) Emmanuel Acho and Matt had a very good conversation about everything going on. Three) Matt broke up with Rachael over the phone. Four) We are getting two Bachelorettes! Michelle and Katie are both getting their own season.

For those who didn't watch, I am happy I could save you 3 hours of your life! If you would like to hear more about the night, read below for my quick summary of the Finale and after the final rose.


QUICK summary of the events from the Finale!

We get right into it with the girls meeting Matt's family. Michelle goes first. Matt's mom Patty absolutely loved Michelle. They had a great day. Rachael also did pretty well with the family. The brother John asked some tough questions and she did an alright job with them.

Michelle gets her final date. They start the date by propelling down the hotel. Then at the night portion, Michelle gave Matt a jersey that said Mr. James and she had one that said, Mrs. James. Right after that, he sent her home because he couldn't get there with her. Was very hard to watch.

Now Rachael is the only one left. Instead of spending a great date with her, Matt decides to cancel the date. He needs some time to figure things out. But then Neil Lane comes to the door to play the voice of reason and Matt picks out a wedding ring. At this moment we are still unsure if Matt will propose or not.

Cut to the final day, Matt is waiting there for Rachael. She gives her speech on why she loves him, then Matt goes. He says this long-winded thing about how he can't propose to her but he wants her in his life. Matt instead gives her the rose instead of the ring that was in his pocket. They live happily ever after... for 15 mins.


QUICK Summary of After the Final Rose

Emmanuel Acho was the host! He kept saying that he was filling in for Chris Harrison. Also, the voiceovers for after the final rose were Chris Harrison. So it doesn't seem like ABC wants to get rid of Chris just yet. I think Emmanuel Acho did a great job with the uncomfortable conversations and a good job with the love conversations. Just hard for him to come in and empathize with people he just met and didn't go through the journey with them. I believe that is where Chris was a good host was he could help articulate what they were saying when the contestants were doing a bad job.

Last night Matt was saying a lot, but not really answering the questions asked to him. He really didn't say much to either Michelle or Rachael. Was hard to tell what exactly he was feeling because he didn't share well with the girls.

The end of the show was a nice way to end the night because instead of just one season, we are getting two seasons of the Bachelorette! Just means you are going to be seeing more of me!! Katie will be filming first, then Michelle later in the year. What is unclear is will there be another Bachelor season in between the two or a season of Paradise, only time will tell.


The Bachelor Bracket

Even though Rachael and Matt are no longer together, Rachael did technically win the season.

Congrats to Max on getting 1st this season and Tori with a close 2nd. This was fun to do so if you would like to be a part of future seasons, keep a lookout in my season premiere blog of Katie's season.


It has been 22 straight weeks of The Bachelor so I am happy to get some time off. As always, thanks for reading.


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