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Bachelor with a Bro Week 4 - The 14 Day Proposal

Updated: May 19, 2022

Zoom Call Summary: Dale proposed to Clare and she said yes! Tayshia Adams gets brought in as the new Bachelorette to Clare's leftovers.

The summary was short this week but if you would like a full recap, keep reading!


Dale and Clare

The episode we have been waiting for finally was here, and it did not disappoint! You can't beat how much Chris Harrison time we got this week! He was in about every scene.

So the episode starts with Clare canceling the cocktail party and the rose ceremony. Normally, when a lead does cancel something that is the biggest thing from the episode.

After Chris told the guys there was going to be no rose ceremony, he pulled Dale aside. He told Dale that the cocktail party was canceled because of him, and Clare wants to have a one on one date.

We fast forward to the night where Clare and Dale have their first one on one date. Yes, their first one on one date. During the night Clare tells Dale that she is falling in love with him. Watching, you could tell Dale wasn't all the way there yet, but he decided to say it back. Then they have a fantasy suite date.

In the morning they are in bed and Clare goes from falling in love to in love with Dale. Then she tells Chris Harrison that she doesn't want to keep doing the show and wants to end her journey with Dale.

Chris Harrison calls Neil Lane and then tells Dale, hey dude, if you don't want to look like a huge jerk, you have to propose to Clare tonight.

Before Clare could get engaged, she had to dump 16 of her other suitors, which I got to say is pretty savage to do all at once.

The night comes and Clare is in a beautiful dress, she says some things that aren't fully true, he says jibberish, and we have a proposal, which I would give a 4/10.

For those reading at home you did read correctly, it went 24 hours between them saying they were falling in love with being engaged.


The Guys

It has been 24-48 hours since they were told there was no cocktail party. Chris Harrison comes into the house and tells the guys that Clare is gone and that she and Dale have left and are engaged. Then he tells them that their journey isn't over. A new woman will be in tonight and the process is going to start all over again.

All the guys decide to stay. We see Tayshia walk into the room then a screen that says "To Be Continued".


Zach's Observations

Since this was such a crazy episode, I wanted to give you some special observations that I made from the episode! You're welcome


Is Clare just like the rest of us?

Clare would not admit that she talked to Dale before the show started. What she did admit made me think she is just like the rest of us. Clare admitted that she would Insta stalk Dale's profile for the month's that led to shooting. Like she was even able to remember a specific photo that she loved and when he posted it. I mean, who hasn't done that?!


Clare and Dale have the same stories?!

During their one on one date, Clare and Dale both referenced their parent's love and their stories. What seems a little strange was how similar the stories were. Both of their dads happen to hitch hike to go propose to their wives. I mean I am from the post hitchhiking era, but that just seems fake to me.


Who said: "Well you know what, you should apologize to the group"

This one might be a stretch. I think I heard it correctly but not 100%. But who doesn't like a little speculation? If you watch closely, they don't show you who says that. They make it seem like Kenny said it since he has been like a villain when it comes to Clare not given them her all. But I don't fan-favorite Bennett said it. It sounded like his voice but since he is a fan favorite, they didn't want to ruin the character they have made of him.


How did Neil Lane get a ring in one day to the Resort?

I honestly think the producers either went to a store where you can buy a Neil Lane diamond or they always have diamonds on stand by, in case their lead goes rogue and they force them to get engaged.


I will leave you with a final question: Could you be engaged with someone after 1.) only having one sleepover, 2.) three dates, 3.) not talking to your family or her family, 4.) never visiting their hometown, 5.) not having your friends opinion of the person you will be marrying.

If you said yes to all 5, you should sign up for the Bachelor.


Thanks for reading.


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