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Bachelor with a Bro Week 8 - Goodbye Chris Harrison, hello teenage boy drama?

Updated: May 19, 2022

Zoom Call Summary: The episode starts at the start of a new week and Tayshia is reflecting on last week. Former Bachelorette Jojo comes and talks with Tayshia. Then, Chris Harrison drops the big news that he is leaving for a bit and Jojo is taking over as host (as I have mentioned in a few of my blog posts).

The first one-on-one date goes to Zac and they play dress up. During dinner, he opens up about his past that he has been married, had an addiction problem, went to rehab a couple of times, and is amazed that he is still here (not on the show but in life). Zac gets the rose.

Group date allows the guys to show off their creative side. Part one is they try to draw a naked couple. Part two is, while blindfolded, to create something out of clay. Then the real part of the date happens in part three, where Tayshia asks them to draw self portraits. All of the guys opened up in one part or another (will elaborate later).

The second one-on-one goes to Eazy. They go ghost hunting. He tells her that he is falling in love, she tells him to go packing.

Before the cocktail party, Tayshia has Bennett and Noah meet beforehand as she wants to get behind the teenage boy drama. Bennett gives Noah a book about emotional intelligence, and the episode ends with what is in the box?


Chris Harrison Leaves Us!

We do not know how long this is going to be for, but the rumors were right! Chris Harrison is gone and Jojo Fletcher is in. For those who don't understand why he left: Chris went to move in his son into college. Since he left the Bachelor Bubble for a short period of time, the producers wanted to make sure he re-quarantined. We don't know how long Jojo will be the host, but certainly will miss Chris Harrison.


Zac's One-on-One

Besides the silly day portion they had, this was a typical Bachelor one-on-one. The producers did a good job of making them feel like they weren't at the hotel. This date was a deep one, as both Tayshia and Zac opened up. Tayshia told Zac that she had been married before, and that is why that date itself was hard for her. Zac responded with the same answer, as he had also been married. One thing these people never do is tell why they didn't work out, but Zac ended up sharing at the dinner part of the date.

Zac hasn't had the easiest road to get to the show. He has been dealing with an addiction problem for the past 10 years. He went to rehab, as well as a jail for a short time, and these reasons were why his wife left him. Zac has been a frontrunner this whole season, and a past is just how someone gets to the person they are at this moment. But I am curious if he stays much longer as the teaser for next week shows a little conflict between Zac and Tayshia.


The Group Date

The group date was cool to see, as all the guys ended up showing us serious, deep sides of themselves. Two people I wanted to mention were Riley and Ben. Riley told the story about a conversation with his mom. They were not close and one day she reached out to him to ask what is his dream. Riley's dream was to live with his wife and daughter and be happy. His mom was like what 20 something dreams about that, to which he responded "someone who has never had that before". It was very powerful and if you didn't see that clip I recommend watching it.

Ben took a different approach. He ended up stripping for his self-portrait. At the moment it felt like a stunt but it made a lot more sense in his time with Tayshia later. Ben had a serious eating disorder for 15 years, and he opened up about how that affected him and how his sister was able to save him.

A lot of respect to all the guys as they shared deep, personal things with the world that they had probably only shared with a few people before.


Eazy's One-on-One

The ghost hunting date was not it. I would have absolutely hated that date. Not much to say here except, it seemed like he was getting sent him when they did the cutovers to the guys. Normally when they do something like that the other thing ends up happening. They kept saying how solid they were which, meant he was going home.


The Start of the Two-on-One

I will talk more about this next week as it only started and we got to be continued. Noah and Bennett had been going at it for weeks. I am personally on Noah's side. Bennett has been very condescending to Noah and makes jabs at him all the time. Noah is from Oklahoma and Bennett went to Harvard, and not a diss at Noah, but Bennett knows he can make remarks at Noah all the time and get away with it.

Bennett gave Noah a gift, a very condescending move, and gave Noah a book about emotional intelligence. According to Bennett, Noah is deficient in 3 of the 4 aspects of emotional intelligence. Curious to see the aftermath of this two-on-one and see who ends up going home.


Thanks for reading.


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