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Bachelor with A Bro Week 9 - The Ultimate Filler Episode

Updated: May 19, 2022

Zoom Call Summary: Tayshia tells Noah he isn't ready for marriage. Then sends Bennett home. Noah goes to the cocktail party without a rose. People who go home at the rose ceremony: Spencer, Demar, and Ed. Jojo tells the guys that next week is hometown week. So three more will be going home over the next episode. Ben gets the first one on one date. Ben is awesome! Will probably get 2nd. The group date is a lie detector test. Riley and Brendan open up more. No one gets a rose on the date. Bennett is waiting for Tayshia at her door. Tells her he is in love with her (first person of the season). TWO episodes next week.

My oh my, what an anticlimatic episode. There were a few things that happened that I want to elaborate on, but I won't bore you with the details of the whole episode.


What is a Filler Episode?

I don't know if Bachelor nation actually uses this term or not, but to me, a filler episode happens every season of the Bachelor/Bachelorette. It is that episode when about 6-9 people are still left, at the moment everything has been light and fun. Then Chris Harrison (this time Jojo) comes in and says: "Time to get serious, the final four is coming up". This episode tends to get rid of those background people that were always there, but you never really learned anything about them. One front runner tends to get a one on one, and the other one on one tends to go to someone who gets sent home.

As you can see, nothing special really happens, but it is needed so we can get to the episodes that are coming next week.


Hometowns are next week?

Please watch this video:

This is what will never make sense about the Bachelor timeline. They try to portray that weeks go by when in reality it has only been days. As you can see from the video, at the last rose ceremony they had only known Tayshia for one week. Then, the next day, Jojo comes in and says that Hometowns are around the corner.

Just doing some basic addition, they probably would have known Tayshia for 10 days before they are introducing her to their families.

What makes this even crazier, is we got people saying love you to her. Don't get me wrong, I believe that this process is accelerated and they do have feelings, but the timeline just doesn't add up.


Bennett is BACK, cmon Producers

The weakest twist of the night was that Bennett came back to the hotel. He wasn't ready to leave Tayshia. Bennett even took it a step further and say that he was in love with her. Tayshia was like, ah shit, I guess I have to keep him around for drama. Seems like Bennett gets to come back from what the previews showed.

I couldn't find the clip of Bennett saying I love you to Tayshia, but do a quick google or search in Tik Tok if you want to see some cringe moments.


Bachelorette Pick 'em Expert vs Founder

Zach's Pick 'em

Will's Pick 'em

Well, my bracket is busted. I didn't get to have this feeling in March, so it is bittersweet to see one of my finalists go out so early. The stupid producers got me. In the past, when someone gets the first impression rose they go far, and I bought into it.

I mean Ben is going to get 2nd so if Zac can pull off the W, I should hopefully be able to save my bracket. Only time will tell.


Thanks for reading.


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