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Basel and DeRosa: Victims of their own hubris.

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Earlier this week, Basel and DeRosa hopped on a live stream to re-do their 2024 brackets ahead of the Sweet 16. Despite a perfect East Region, as well as the potential for a perfect Midwest, our two pundits got a bit too bold in the South and the West, shattering their chances at picking a perfect final weekend.

Let's break down where they went wrong, and how their takes led them astray.

Citizens of Narrative Nation...for better or worse

At this point in the tournament, rooting for the most interesting results can be a lot more fun than rooting for what wins you your bracket pool. While already a pretty chalky pick, the narrative implications of a UNC-Arizona matchup were too great for Basel and DeRosa to pass up. What better way for Caleb Love to clinch a spot in the National Semifinal than against his former team? Unfortunately for Love, he and his teammates could not fight back against a massive Clemson run midway through the second half.

While bummed about the reunion, our incorrect podcasts hosts could take solace in the exciting story about Alabama's first Regional Championship win on Saturday despite not earning any points in their bracket pool for it.

A disturbing lack of faith

While rooting for Cinderella teams can be fun, there is often a limit as to how far an unlikely run like NC State's can go. As an 11-seed moves further and further into the tournament, it's inevitable that they encounter an opponent way out of their league. With serious offensive firepower, excellent defense, and a fantastic coach, 2-seed Marquette should have been an impassable road block for the Wolfpack. However, after picking apart Marquette in the half court for 14 turnovers, NC State came away with the 67-58 win.

With in-state rival Duke taking down the 1-seed Houston, does NC State have a serious shot at a Regional Title?


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