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Basel's Week 2 NCAAF Top 25

A mix of major rivalry games and FCS blowouts make this week's Top 25 a relatively difficult one, but here's my picks for the best programs in the country this week!

Basel's NCAAF Top 25-September 12th

  1. Georgia: Look. I know, but hear me out. Alabama is an elite team this year, but Georgia's first two wins this season this season have been so huge. UAB is a solid mid-major program, and the Dawgs were able to come away with a blowout win with their backup QB behind center. Color me impressed.

  2. Alabama: Bama did exactly what they needed to do against Mercer, but again, Georgia's wins are just a smidge stronger so far. Expect these two to jockey past one another for the top spot all season.

  3. Oklahoma: "STOP! THEY'RE ALREADY DEAD!" That's what I imagine Western Carolina fans were yelling at their tvs as Oklahoma State trounced the Catamounts yesterday. Spencer Rattler climbs my mental Heisman rankings as he went off for another 5 touchdowns in this rout.

  4. Oregon: Oregon's defense was able to shut down two big potential momentum swings against Ohio State yesterday. The Buckeyes were stopped on downs 3 times as the Ducks broke their nine-game losing streak to OSU.

  5. Cincinnati: I'm going to keep riding the Bearcats until they prove me wrong. A bit sluggish in the first half, Cincy QB Desmond Ridder completely turned it around coming out of the locker room, finishing the day with 243 yards and 2 touchdown completions.

  6. Texas A&M: The Aggies' game winning drive was no doubt impressive, as backup QB Zach Calzada pushed through multiple third-down conversions to go up 10-7. I'd like a bit more next week for the Aggies to stay this high, but Colorado might be a tough Pac-12 team this year, so I'll give them a pass this week.

  7. Clemson: A 49-3 blowout over SC State was the perfect win to get Clemson's offense clicking. They're going to need to pile on some wins quick to enter the playoff discussion.

  8. Iowa: I mentioned last week that the Cy-Hawk trophy will have major implications on this week's ranking, and Iowa showed up to extend their win streak over State to 6.

  9. Ohio State: If Ohio can rack up some quality wins, and Oregon stays hot, this week's loss might not derail their season too severely.

  10. Penn State: Penn State's offense might be one of the most versatile in the Big 10. According to the Associated Press, ten Nittany Lions had a direct hand in advancing the ball in the first half.

  11. Florida: The Gators continue their in-state decimation tour against USF, and with their two Quarterbacks both still getting major minutes. So far it looks like Anthony Richardson could snag the spot permanently if push comes to shove.

  12. Notre Dame: The Irish made Toledo look like a power five program yesterday. Even with wins, they're going to keep sliding down the rankings if they keep these games too close.

  13. UCLA: The Bruins were off this week, but I'm very excited to see what they bring against Fresno State this Saturday.

  14. Michigan: Michigan took advantage of a sliding Washington team to enter this week's rankings. The Wolverines' ground game was on point due to elite blocking from the O-line, allowing them to inch their way to victory. Old school offense for the dub!

  15. Coastal Carolina: I know it's Kansas, but the Chanticleers pulled off an impressive Power 5 win yesterday. This win legitimizes their place in the Top 25 as they hit a relatively unimpressive part of their remaining schedule.

  16. Virginia Tech: At this point, Braxton Burmeister should be a name on everyone's radar. The dude is unafraid to do it all himself, passing for 142 yards while racking up 52 with his feet.

  17. Wisconsin: This one wasn't even fair. Eastern Michigan just could not handle the Badgers running game, with five Wisconsin players racking up double digit rushing yards for a total of 352.

  18. ASU: The Southern Division of the PAC-12 is unbelievably stacked this year, and Jayden Daniels will make sure the Sun Devils are in the hunt until the very end of the season.

  19. Ole Miss: Ole Miss flexed their deep QB rotation at Austin Peay, with four players taking snaps in a 54-17 rout.

  20. Auburn: Good Lord, Auburn! Both sides of the ball dominated in a 62-0 win over Alabama State.

  21. North Carolina: A great bounce back win for the Tar Heels as Sam Howell throws for 3 touchdowns against Georgia State.

  22. BYU: A stunner against longtime rival Utah allows the Cougars to crack the poll this week.

  23. Michigan State: The Spartans have racked up some nice wins against Youngstown State and Northwestern to sneak into 23rd.

  24. UCF: What a day for Isaiah Bowser. The Senior running back for the Golden Knights killed it on the short ground game for 4 TDs.

  25. TCU: I'm not all in on these Horned Frogs, but I'll throw them on for now to see how they fare in the coming weeks.

See you next Sunday!


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