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Basel's Week 7 NCAAF Top 25

Some MAJOR upsets shake up this week's Top 25, so let's check out where everyone lands this week in my rankings before the AP and USA Today Coaches release their own rankings this afternoon.

Basel's Top 25

  1. Georgia (7-0): It's crazy to think that 13 allowed points is one of Georgia's worst defensive outings of the year, but I still can't knock the Dawgs for their most recent win against Kentucky.

  2. Oklahoma (7-0): Well it looks like benching Spencer Rattler was the right move for the Sooners, as QB Caleb Williams went off for 295 yards and 4 tuddies.

  3. Cincy (6-0): If he leads his Bearcats to an AAC title this year, Desmond Ridder has a strong chance of taking Spencer Rattler's spot in this year's Heisman conversation.

  4. Alabama (6-1): It seems the football gods were dissatisfied with Bama being out of the playoff conversation for as long as a week, and let them return with an Iowa loss and a blowout win over Mississippi State.

  5. Penn State (5-1): Bye week.

  6. Ohio State (5-1): Bye week.

  7. Michigan (6-0): Bye week.

  8. Oregon (5-1): I usually don't like to bring down a team after they win, but Oregon needs to run up the score on a team like Cal if they want to make a bigger jump in the rankings.

  9. Michigan State (7-0): The Spartans slowly climbing into the top 10 sets up a perfect rivalry game against Michigan in two weeks. They looked a bit sluggish offensively at first against Indiana, but their defense took advantage of Indiana's backup QB Jack Tuttle for 2 interceptions.

  10. Iowa (6-1): Probably the biggest upset this week, Iowa's loss to Purdue is enough to take them out of the playoff conversation for now, but not enough for them to plummet too hard for me. Their season now hinges on winning the Big 10 Title.

  11. Coastal Carolina (6-0): Bye week.

  12. Oklahoma State (6-0): The Longhorns kept it tough for OK State, but Jaylen Warren's 193 rushing yards always kept the Cowboys in a position to win this one.

  13. Ole Miss (5-1): Don't fret, Lane Kiffin. If opposing fans hate you enough to chuck golf balls at your head during a game, you must be doing something right.

  14. Notre Dame (5-1): Bye week.

  15. Wake Forest (6-0): Bye week.

  16. Texas A&M (5-2): They won't challenge for an SEC title this year, but the Aggies are making some serious moves up the rankings with another win against Mizzou.

  17. Kentucky (6-1): It's no surprise that the Wildcats' perfect bids ends in Athens, but just 13 points will force them to slide down a bit.

  18. NC State (5-1): The Wolfpack shut out BC for the final three quarters of their ACC matchup.

  19. SMU (6-0): Bye week, but SMU makes a slide up due to so many teams in this part of the rankings taking tough losses this week.

  20. San Diego State (6-0): As Fresno State continues to struggle, the Aztecs emerge as the top dogs in the Mountain West.

  21. Auburn (5-2): This is not really that hot of a take, but the amount of upsets within the SEC this year prove that it's the deepest football conference in 2021.

  22. Baylor (5-1): Baylor helps sink BYU's ranked streak with a 38-24 win over the Cougars.

  23. Houston (5-1): Bye week.

  24. Utah (4-2):The Utes enter the rankings after a tough upset over AZ State.

  25. Purdue (4-2): I doubt they'll stay up here, but I'll give Purdue a Top 25 nod after their win against 2 Iowa this week.

See you next week!

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