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BBB Podcast: BBB Podcast: Megan Lanham, Co-Founder and CEO of Rithim

When Megan Lanham was wrapping up her MBA at MIT, she was pulling double-duty as the Chief Executive Officer of a pharmaceutical recruiting company.  Drowning in one of her dreaded data science courses, she couldn't help but think of a real-world example: how could AI and data play into sports betting?  After meeting a data scientist at a bar, Rithmm was born - and just a few years later, it's gaining traction as an up-and-coming AI tool to help make smarter sports wagers.  Megan joins the show to take us through her early learnings as a college basketball player and coach at the Division I level, and how she applied lessons in sports to running multiple companies.  We discuss how Rithmm's AI models work, what data they use to make predictions, and their differentiation between other sports betting apps.


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