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BBB Podcast: Turning a Fantasy Football hobby into a full time job, featuring Mikey Henninger - Founder of Basement Brewed Fantasy Football

When Mikey Henninger was 11 years old, he'd write game recaps after his Madden games and twist pencils with NFL logos on them to determine the winner of the week's NFL contests - he fell in love with football from a young age.  Fast forward to 26 years old: Mikey was tired of questioning his start/sit decisions and took matters into his own hands by making a resource to help him de-risk it. 

After going public with the data he compiled, Mikey realized he had an opportunity to turn it into a fully-functioning business - and so became Basement Brewed Fantasy Football.  Mikey joins the show to discuss his exit from Corporate America, leaving a B2B sales management career to chase his passion of fantasy football full-time.  We discuss the creation of BBFF, some unique features that set it apart from other similar tools, and some of the trends in fantasy football. 

We also learn more about the Zero RB Strategy (or Hero RB as some call it), the Best Ball game mode, and the value Christian McCaffrey brings. 

DISCOUNT: If our interview with Mikey sold you on BBFF, we're happy to give you an exclusive discount for the tool! Use the code BALLS on ⁠⁠ for 20% off your package.


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