Beer drinkers, introducing our newest affiliate sponsor; Athletic Brewing!

Exciting news coming from the House Enterprise world. We have partnered up with Athletic Brewing to bring you a new option for craft beer.

Photo: Athletic Brewing Company

Craft Brewing is an innovative industry, and Athletic is changing the way consumers drink. They offer Non-Alcoholic craft beer options that emulate the popular styles you are familiar with. As of now, they offer a juicy IPA, golden and brown ale, dark stout, and even a seltzer.

The N/A market hasn't seen much change in over a decade, and the company wanted to provide better and more flavorful options. Whether it's celebrating "Dry January", maintaining healthier habits, or practicing a sober lifestyle, Athletic has you covered. These beers are perfect alternatives to your Sunday football gatherings, a day at the beach, or any venue where you would normally indulge in a beer or two.

If you still want to participate in social drinking while avoiding the alcohol-drenched nights, and unproductive hangovers, the beer they offer just might be what you are looking for. Athletic Brewing is catching the eyes of many. Some of their biggest investors? Super Bowl-winning Defensive End Justin Tuck and Defensive Player of the Year J.J. Watt, ever heard of them? Here is what JJ has to say if you aren't sold.

“I feel fortunate to have discovered Athletic Brewing during their early days. Bill and his team at Athletic have not only created an incredible tasting nonalcoholic beer, they have also shown an immense commitment to philanthropic efforts and protecting the environment,” ~ J.J. Watt

For more information, and to get your hands on some refreshing Athletic brew, click their logo to head to their website.