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Behind The Brewer; featuring Adam Henderson of Beer On Earth

Continuing our Rhode Island tour, the "Beers, Business, and Balls" podcast took a field trip to Beer On Earth and chatted with Adam Henderson, the founder of the Providence brewery.

Adam started his journey like many others, homebrewing at home. It started with a 30-quart stockpot, a mesh bag, and a bunch of books about beer. He also had an intense desire to make beer. He began focusing on different styles of beers that weren't your typical IPA's. He researched ingredients and refined recipes and starting pumping out beer.

His hard work earned him some high praise. In 2017, Adam entered some of his beers in the New England Regional Homebrew Competition located in Manchester, New Hampshire. He ended up winning a gold and bronze medal at the event. With new confidence and positive feedback, it was time for Adam to take Beer On Eart to the next level. Soon after, they secured a location for the brewery and sized up their operations.

After a year in their original spot in North Kingstown, Beer On Earth grew to be quite popular. They made moved to Fountain St. in Providence, originally occupied by Long Live Beerworks. They began to can their own beers and hired a full-time head brewer to help run the new operation. The new equipment allows Beer On Earth to brew 10 BBL batches of beer at a time. One thing that makes BOE special is their incredible can artwork, described as funky and art-centric, as well as their laid-back community environment.

In the interview, Adam shares the highs and lows of creating a brewery, the impact of COVID which forced him to change his business model, and the importance of building a team. The full interview can be found at the 4:20 mark.


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