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Behind The Brewer; featuring Mike Palmieri and Lee Holyoak of Side Hustle Beer Co.

After a quick little summer hiatus, the BBB Podcast is back with the latest "Behind the Brewer" entry. This week, we headed a little outside of our geographical location, all the way down at Hilton Head, South Carolina (shoutout to Zoom for the first-class tickets).

We linked with the founders of Side Hustle Beer Company, the smallest craft brewery in the state of South Carolina. Mike Palmieri and Lee Holyoak are friends turned homebrewers and entrepreneurs. The story starts a few years ago, where Mike was an executive in corporate America, and Lee played pro tennis at the Long Cove Country Club. In Lee's spare time, he began homebrewing. That little experiment transformed his life, as he started earning awards for his craft and converted his garage into his lab, and mini brewery as well. His little "side hustle" caught the attention of Mike, who through mutual friends, tried some of Lee's beer. That interaction transformed into their brewery today, which is a popular hotspot in their area.

Their story is one you don't want to miss. They are experts and artists, and it was inspiring to see a glimpse of their founding. Mike and Lee chat about the business strategy in getting their beer to consumers, how experience matters in a brewery, and the strategy of scaling a small operation into a fully functioning business.



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