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Behind the Brewer - Moerelin Lager House

While prohibition closed the doors of many breweries in America, it only made the story of the Christian Moerlein brand stronger. Through years of love and change, the Moerelin Lager House continues the historic name while being located in the heart of the Cincinnati sports strip.

We sit down to discuss the evolution of Moerlein beer with head brewer Curtis Eulberg and Brewers Association member/award-winning homebrewer Roxanne Westendorf, live from the Moerlein Lager House at Riverfront Park in Downtown Cincinnati. Bavarian immigrant Christian Moerlein loved to brew hearty European beers, and his product quickly made its way across the world. While prohibition halted most new beers in the early 1900s, Moerlien couldn’t be stopped; they re-opened in 1981 and pioneered the resurgence of craft beer in Cincinnati. We discuss with Curtis & Roxanne the importance of staying true to the original German recipe, the location in downtown Cincinnati, and the different Bock-style beers from the weekend. (9:34)


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