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Best Landing Spots for Superstar J.J. Watt


The Houston Texans are a dumpster fire. Their superstar QB Deshaun Watson has seen enough, and wants a trade. Their veteran defensive end J.J. Watt, a three-time Defensive Player of the Year, just asked for his release on Friday, and was granted it. He is now a free agent. Watt makes this amazing pass-rushing free-agent class even better, and more complicated. There is no chance that he will go back to the Texans, so where will he land? Here are the 5 best landing spots for J.J. Watt, along with one sleeper.

PHOTO CREDIT: David J. Philip / Associated Press

The Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs just came off an embarrassing Super Bowl loss, and need to re-make their offensive line. But, wait. What if they were able to pair superstar game-wrecker Chris Jones, with J.J. Watt! Jones gets double-teamed a lot, so he doesn’t rack up many sacks, but others like Frank Clark can get home to the quarterback. What if Watt is in the equation, and Jones doesn’t have to get the double-whammy? Jones would get more sacks, as opposing teams have to focus on Watt more! That would make the Chiefs defense from average to close to elite. Nowadays you need a pass rush more than ever, and the Chiefs with Watt definitely have it.

PHOTO CREDIT: Frederick Breedon / Getty Images

The Tennessee Titans

The Titans had an awful pass rush, which in turn, taxed the secondary heavily. The Jadeveon Clowney experiment went about as bad as can be. So why not sign his former teammate? Watt is a proven leader, who can help Tennessee in so many ways. He can help Harlod Landry, and Jeffery Simmons get to the QB. He can be a leader in the locker room. Best of all, Watt can be a mentor to any rookie, offense, or defense. He also knows Mike Vrabel, from Vrabel’s year as Houston’s defensive coordinator. Also, why would he not want to face off vs. the Texans twice a year! This would be an amazing signing, if Jon Robinson can pull it off!

PHOTO CREDIT: Tribune-Review

The Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers don’t need Watt, as they already have Cam Heyward, and J.J.’s little brother TJ. But that is exactly why J.J. would go here. To play with TJ and Derek Watt! Imagine having to face both Watts on the ends, and Heyward in the middle. Though the Steelers have to address the offense way more than the defense, I think this is J.J. Watt’s most likely landing spot, so he can play with his brothers.


The New York Giants

The Giants are a nice landing spot for Watt. Leonard Williams will be a free agent, and while New York will probably retain him, why not add Watt? The offense is muddy, but they can address that in the draft, as they hold the 11th overall pick, and could land one of the star receivers in the draft. But how about pairing Watt with Williams on the defensive line. As I stated with the Titans, Watt can not only perform, but be a leader that the players can count on. This would make Big Blue’s defense even better, as the secondary boasts James Bradbury, Logan Ryan, and Jabrill Peppers. Expect Dave Gettleman to go after J.J.

PHOTO CREDIT: Matt Patterson / Associated Press

The Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens have Matt Judon and Yannick Ngakoue, coming off the books, and Judon will be the one out of the two to be re-signed, most likely. So to replace Ngakoue, why not add in J.J. Watt. The Baltimore line already boasts Calais Campbell and Brandon Williams, so why not make it even better? The Ravens defense is a great unit, and replacing Ngakoue with Watt puts them in contention for the best in the league.

PHOTO CREDIT: Houston Chronicle

One Sleeper - The Green Bay Packers

This one will probably not happen, but let me explain anyway. Watt grew up in Waukesha, Wisconsin, so why would he not want to go back home? The Packers don’t really need him, though. They need a WR2, and a good corner to spell Jaire Alexander. It would be cool for him to go back home, but I just don’t see it happening.

Ranking the Teams Chances of Signing

Steelers - Most Likely

Titans - Possibly

Giants - Maybe

Chiefs - Highly Unlikely

Ravens - Probably Not

Packers - No

Where I Think He’ll Go

The Giants are an intriguing option, but they need more offensive help and a second corner. Tennessee is another option, as then he could play Houston twice a year. He may want a homecoming, by going to Green Bay, but I think that the fact that he has an opportunity to play with his brothers is too strong, and the Steelers sign him.


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