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Beyond the Pod: Mitchell Pehlke | Camera Shy to Forgetting the Suit and Tie

On this week's episode of the podcast, we had on the one and only, Mitchell Pehlke. Now you might know him from the infamous and viral Duke Formal with Duke's Track and Field Star, Emily Cole!

The truth is, this Ohio State Lacrosse player is way more than a viral sensation! Mithcell has been in the content game for close to 6 years. On the show, we talk about his true passion for the craft and why it has brought him so much joy over the years! The funny thing is, as a fan of YouTube for so long, he originally was shy to get behind the camera, but after a video compilation of his mom showing him just how easy filming in public was, Mitchell set on his content

creating journey!

Don't get me wrong, we had to address the elephant in the room. What surprised me the most was the genuine disbelief Mitchell had about the whole Formal Saga. I mean let's be honest, we've seen TikToks of people shooting their shot, but this shot was taken and the fans and viewers, just kept wanting more and more!

All-in-all, Mitchell is one talented individual. Both on the Field and behind the camera, Mitchell has made it his life goal to make those around him laugh. After listening to this episode, I believe you'll see our guy is succeeding, no doubt!


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