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Big East Recruiting Update

This weekend is possibly the biggest weekend in the AAU basketball cycle. With Peach Jam happening as I type this, to go with multiple other shoe tournaments, let’s check in on the play and recruitment of all of these guys with Big East offers.

It’s hard enough to follow the recruiting of one team, let alone 11, so I will miss some guys. If someone had a huge weekend and I didn’t get to them, let me know!

Big East Commits

Thomas Sorber - Georgetown

Thomas Sorber was a stand-out this week. He’s playing on an absolutely loaded Team Final team, but Sorber was able to find ways to stand out. He’s an excellent passer for a big man, has excellent hands, and blocks just about everything. He’s the defensive anchor for this Final team, and they make sure to keep him involved offensively, allowing him to play off of those dynamic guards.

If I had to nitpick, I wanted him to finish inside better, he’s had a couple of layups that he should have converted. I think that’s the next evolution to his game. Still, an excellent showing for the surging Georgetown commit. Sorber averaged 10.8PPG, 6.8RPG and 2.6BPG (ranks second in all of Peach Jam), including a 17-point, 11-rebound performance in a crucial win over Team CP3.

Damarius Owens - Marquette

Owens has really pickup up his play as this tournament has gone on. Owens played alright to start off this Peach Jam tournament, but in his last three games, he has been spectacular. In these three games, he’s averaging 21.3PPG, 6.3RPG and 1.3SPG on 74.2% from the field and 57.1% from three-point range, in three wins for his City Rocks Squad.

I was able to catch most of their blowout win over the Indy Heat, and Owens was by far the best player on the floor. He had multiple highlight plays and took that game over from the first tip. He led City Rocks to a much-needed blowout win. City Rocks now sit at 4-3 in PIT pool play, with one more game to go, which will be played tomorrow at 4:30.

Jonathan Powell - Xavier

Powell is one of the few guys on this list playing in the Adidas Tournament. It’s fairly tough to watch those games, but he’s playing against tough competition and excelling. It’s fairly tough to get updates on the Adidas Tournament, but Powell is a prospect I was very impressed with. Top 100 kid, with an excellent jump shot and a very mature game.

He played some really tough competition in the most recent high school season, teaming up with Indiana commit Gabe Cupps for Centerville, a public school. In a game I watched when he played against SoCal Academy (with soon-to-be Big East players Garwey Dual and Drew Fielder on a loaded roster), Powell was the player who took over that game late and won it for Centerville. He was the best player on the floor.

Kayvaun Mulready - Georgetown

Kayvaun Mulready does all of the little things so incredibly well. Mulready isn’t the dominant scorer that his City Rocks teammate Damarius Owens is, but he does everything else so well. He’s tenacious defensively, sets his teammates up very well and rebounds really well for a 6’4” guard.

Throughout the tournament, Mulready is averaging 16.7PPG, 9.0RPG (ranking fourth in the entire PIT division), 3.1APG and 2.7SPG (ranking second in PIT). Mulready’s jumper has been inconsistent all tournament, but he’s done everything else very well and has really proven how much he excels on the defensive end.

Royce Parham - Marquette

Royce Parham is an athletic finisher. Parham is an excellent finisher, he’s able to make some really tough layups. His Team Durant squad has struggled in this tournament, losing three incredibly close games, but that’s no fault of Parham, their leading scorer. Parham is a monster inside and is a very tough matchup for just about every other team in this tournament.

He’s averaged 18.8PPG and 6 boards, shooting 53% from the field, including an 18-point, 10-board performance against Drive Nation, and a 24-point 8-rebound performance over Team Thad. He’s very effective inside and was the lead option for Team Durant in this tournament.

Daquan Davis - Providence

Davis wasn't in play this weekend, but the Providence commit has been active this Summer. He was a standout at the NBPA Top 100 event and is playing really well in local events, like DMV Summer Live.

Davis was dominant in the NBPA Tournament, averaging over 15PPG en route to a victory for his team. Davis is a very hard-nosed, tough, defensive-minded guard, who always plays with that chip on his shoulder. He’s a very crafty guard with an ability to create and make some tough shots, and should be a very exciting player for the Friars, and certainly, one to watch as his high school season progresses.

Ty Davis - Creighton

Couldn’t find much on what Davis has been up to in these past weeks, can’t lie. I really like his passing ability for a 6’5” guard, though. He’s got a very nice jumper to go with it, but the playmaking he brings to the table is something to behold. Here’s everything I found from his AAU squad.

Caleb Williams - Georgetown

Williams, the newest Big East commit, plays for an incredibly loaded Team Takeover squad, but he got hurt very early in this tournament. He’s been hurt for most of the tournament (seems like a minor injury), but I don’t know if we see him in Takeover’s tournament game. He had 11 points and 6 boards (50% from the field and three) across the first two games of the tournament.

Williams is a versatile wing, who can play 1-4 and is well-rounded offensively. He can create for himself and others and has very good shot-making abilities.

Big East Interest

Isaiah Abraham (Final Four of UConn, Providence and Marquette, recent Crystal Ball to UConn)

Abraham is a legit 6’6” wing, ranked around the Top 70 nationally. He’s an explosive, long and athletic wing who absolutely loves getting downhill offensively. Very solid three-level scorer, and he showed that off on his loaded Team Takeover team. He’s averaging 8PPG and 4RPG during Peach Jam, with games remaining. He’s expected to make a decision fairly soon, so we’ll make sure to have an eye out.

Jaiden Glover (offers from Villanova, Providence, Butler, St. John’s, Seton Hall, Creighton and Xavier)

Glover draws a ton of Big East interest and for good reason. He’s a very well-rounded player, whose jumper really steals the show. At 6’6”, he’s quick enough to guard multiple positions as well and can score the ball in a variety of ways. As of last June, he had planned visits to St. John’s and Creighton.

He was playing in the Under Armour tournament (which I didn’t watch, I won’t lie), but I saw him play a game when I was writing my Simeon Wilcher article. Really liked his game, very smooth jumper. His jumper really jumps off the page, and someone at his height with his shooting ability will draw big-time interest.

Jahki Howard (visited UConn, offered by Georgetown)

Howard is an absolutely special athlete. Incredible leaping ability, with a legit jumper. He’s underrated by these recruiting services, and with some more game action and polishing off some of his skills, he’s someone who could do some real damage in college. I think he should be a Top-50 prospect.

Garrett Sundra (Top Five includes Providence, Butler)

Sundra is a skilled big with a very nice jump shot. I saw him beat everyone down the floor multiple times for easy buckets. He plays for an incredibly loaded Team Takeover squad and has been very efficient and effective in his playing time. He’s averaging 7PPG on a very efficient 60.9% from the field and 40% from three-point range, with his best game coming against "The Family" (shoutout Vin Diesel) where he scored 14 points and five boards on 6/7 shooting.

He visited Butler back in October and plans to visit Providence soon.

Malcolm Thomas (offers from Villanova, Xavier and Butler)

Very solid interior player. Very athletic guy who’s really effective inside. Doesn’t need a ton of touches to impact a game. He’s currently rounding out his offensive game but overall is a versatile PF. Averaged 10.8PPG, shooting 51.9% from the field and 75% from the free-throw line (15/20).

Darrion Sutton (Offers from DePaul, St. John's, Creighton, Butler)

Sutton is a surging prospect in this class and for good reason. He's an incredible athlete. He has very good leaping ability, but he's also incredibly shifty and quick for a 6'9" wing. He plays with pace very well, he can control his speed really well and knows how to get to his spots. He just recently took a visit to Creighton.

Idk where they got 5-star, he's a four-star everywhere. He's very talented though, don't get it twisted, I really like his game.

Boogie Fland (Offers from UConn and St. John’s, amongst others)

Fland hasn’t performed particularly well at Peach Jam, but that’s not for lack of skill. Fland is a five-star, Top-15 player in this class, and arguably a Top-Five Guard in the country. There’s a reason that just about every program in the country wants Fland.

Fland is an excellent scorer and he does a very good job at getting everyone else involved. Guys have a chip on their shoulder whenever they face off against Fland. His PSA Cardinals team faces off against Vegas Elite in the Final 8 Tournament, which is where Fland could show exactly how good he is.

Matthew Hodge (Offers from Villanova, Marquette and Seton Hall)

Hodge has seen his stock really rise during this EYBL season and for good reason. He’s a very impressive 6’8” wing, with an absolutely gorgeous jump shot. He defends multiple positions and is an excellent passer, his vision is incredibly underrated. Hodge’s recruitment has really kicked into gear in this EYBL season, with both Marquette and Villanova offering pretty recently.

Malachi Palmer (Offers from Villanova, Creighton and DePaul)

Palmer is a 6'6" wing who plays at Mt. Zion Prep School in Maryland and played for Team Melo in Peach Jam. He's a slashing wing who averaged 8.6PPG and 4.2RPG in this tournament, including a 16-point performance against Brad Beal Elite. His playmaking has also been on display, having two games with at least five assists.

Curtis Givens II (Top 7 includes Villanova and UConn)

Givens is a very solid lead guard, he’s a solid scorer and one of the better facilitators at Peach Jam. He hasn’t scored the ball as well as he’s capable of, but he’s a pretty solid scorer in his own right. Don’t know if he ends up in the Big East, but you never know!

Tyler Betsey (offers from UConn, Providence, St. John’s and Creighton)

Betsey is one of the better three-and-D wings in this class, a Top-30 player in this class. He’s hit 16 threes in five games, so far at Peach Jam. Betsey’s skillset translates really well to the college game, he’s the exact type of player that so many different programs want. UConn watched Betsey a couple of times in Peach Jam, and he's visited both Creighton and UConn.

Aiden Sherrell (offers from Creighton, UConn, Providence and St. John’s (old staff))

The big man has been an absolute force to be reckoned with in Peach Jam. He’s averaging 15PPG and 6.6RPG, including two 20-point performances. Sherrell has even shown off a jumper, shooting 33% from three-point range. The Top-50 prospect has shined in this tournament, including throwing down some absolutely thunderous dunks. His recruitment has been very quiet, but it seems Ohio State and Alabama are leaders.

Josh Hill (offers from Marquette, Seton Hall, Xavier)

The three-star 6’11” forward has seen a bit of a boom in his recruitment recently, as Xavier and Marquette both offered within the last three weeks or so. He’s currently playing in the Adidas Circuit. Don’t know much more than that, but I did come across this tweet, which is from his AAU program.

Sir Mohammed (Villanova and Marquette made his Top 6, St. John’s offered after)

Mohammed is a versatile guard, who can play either the one or the two. He’s a very unselfish, smart guard who has a really mature skillset. He plays AAU ball with Team Curry who’s on the Under Armour Circuit, which I didn’t watch, but there’s a reason he’s a consensus Top-75 recruit.

VJ Edgecombe (offers from Providence, UConn, Seton Hall, Villanova and St. John’s (old staff))

Edgecombe is a legit 5-star wing. He’s an incredible athlete, who plays with incredible patience and knows exactly when to attack. He was the Adidas EuroCamo MVP earlier this month and performed excellently at the Adidas 3SSB Championships. He’s an excellent prospect who will have his choice of college destination for good reason.

Naasir Cunningham (Offers from DePaul, Providence, Creighton and UConn)

Was originally looked at as the Top prospect in this class, before deciding to play for Overtime Elite. He's an excellent athlete, who's really good at getting downhill. Recently announced a Top Five, but then announced his recruitment was pretty open, so who knows? Not expecting him to commit to a Big East school.

Tyonne Farrell (Offer from DePaul)

Farrell was the leading scorer for his team Melo squad. The downhill scoring guard out of Mount St. Joseph HS in Maryland averaged 10PPG in this tournament, including a 17-point performance against Dylan Harper and The New York Renaissance.

John Bol (Offer from UConn)

He’s on here for a few reasons. Obviously, he’s a legit talent, he’s top 20 in this class. But, he’s one of two guys here with only one Big East contender. It’s because he plays Thomas Sorber later today, but also that he was “10000% committed” to Florida, then decommitted less than a month later. Anarchy? Nope. Just recruiting.

Ahmad Nowell (UConn in his Final Four)

Oh, also there's this. Nowell is awesome. He's an excellent downhill guard, he's played really well for Team Final. He's a legit Top-50 guard, averaging 12PPG, 4.6RPG and 6.6APG in this Peach Jam tournament. His playmaking ability is excellent, he's second in this tournament in assists and is averaging less than two turnovers per game. He's had multiple nine-assist games.

‘25 and Beyond

Darius Acuff Jr ‘25 (offers from Providence and St. John’s)

Acuff was one of the best playmakers at all of Peach Jam, playing a year up. Acuff finished the tournament as the fourth-leading assist man, averaging 5.2 assists across five games. He was second in scoring on his “The Family” team (s/o Vin Diesel), only two points short of their scoring leader John “Trey” McKenney III (Top-20 kid, class of 2025, holds a DePaul offer), and averaged 15.2PPG.

Aca Lewis ‘25 (offers from Georgetown, St. John’s and Providence)

Lewis, unfortunately, got hurt early in this tournament for Team Durant, only playing in one game. Still, he’s a very skilled PG who performed very well at DMV Live. He recently took an unofficial visit to Georgetown.

Nyk Lewis ‘25 (offers from Seton Hall, Xavier, Georgetown, Marquette and Providence)

The 2025 Five-star is playing a year up for a very loaded Team Takeover squad. He’s coming off the bench in most games, but has been very efficient in his minutes and has really shined. He’s averaging 9.4PPG this tournament, shooting 53.8% from the field, 40% from three and 93.8% from the free-throw line. Lewis is really shining, especially after leading Team Takeover in scoring, in their close win over Boo Williams.

Joson Sanon ‘25 (offers from Marquette, Georgetown, Providence and UConn)

His Expressions squad is very young, with multiple guys, including Sanon, playing at least a year up. Still, Sanon performed very well at Peach Jam, as the secondary scoring option to AJ Dybansta. Sanon had an off game against “The Family” (s/o Vin Diesel), but taking that game out he averaged 18.5PPG, shooting 46% from the field and 41.4% from three (15.2PPG, 42%, 37.5 3pt% with it). He’s a legit three-level scoring threat and showed off his skillset at Peach Jam.

Meleek Thomas ‘25 (offers from Providence, UConn, Villanova and Xavier)

Thomas took a visit to Villanova. He’s a legit three-level scorer, he’s able to make a ton of tough shots. He’s really good when he gets downhill, just settled a bit much in the game I saw (he was playing a year up). Still, he’s a five-star recruit for a reason and once he finds his groove, he’s going to be an incredibly tough guy to stop.

Oswin Erhunmwunse ‘25 (offers from Marquette and Providence)

Known to his teammates as “Big O,” he’s a surging prospect in this 2025 class and is one of the best big men in this class. He’s an above-the-rim big man, getting up to block shots and throw down some vicious dunks on the head of the opposing defenders.

Eric Reibe ‘25 (offers from Creighton, Georgetown, Butler and Providence)

The Bullis product recently moved to the States from Germany and has taken over. His game will inevitably be compared to Dirk Nowitzki (both skilled German bigs who can shoot threes), as his recruitment has surged. He’s been offered by everyone after an impressive DMV Live and is expected to continue this trajectory throughout his college career.

Adrien Stevens ‘25 (offers from Butler, Xavier and Providence)

Reibe’s teammate recently got offers from both Butler and Xavier, after performing very well at the DMV Live Showcase. He’s an athletic, hard-nosed 6’5” combo guard, who has absolutely no fear in attacking the basket.

Chance Mallory ‘25 (offers from Butler and Seton Hall)

The 5’9” PG has seen his recruitment really pick up in this live period. Don’t underestimate him because of his size, Mallory is a very impressive player. He’s a legit PG who sets up his teammates very well and has a very nice jumper to go with it. He’s a quick, shifty PG who gets to his spots very effectively.

Darius Adams ‘25 (offers from Providence, Seton Hall and St. John’s)

Adams is a very impressive prospect. The Top-30 talent was the leading scorer for his PSA Cardinal Team (U16), putting up multiple 20-point performances. Adams was efficient from the field and from three, averaging 17PPG on 41.2% from the field and 39.3% from three. Adams was also second on his team in rebounds (4.8RPG) and third in assists (2.4APG), showing his well-rounded skillset.

AJ Dybantsa ‘26 (Offers from Georgetown, Providence, UConn)

He’s the #1 player in the class of 2026 (likely reclass to 2025) and led this tournament of 2024’s in scoring. He’s a pro. Don’t know if he comes to the Big East, but he’s really, really good. Don’t think I need to say much else, he’s a lottery pick.

These are just about all the guys I could find with multiple Big East recruiting offers. Did I miss some? Probably. I also left out a couple of guys who have either cut Big East teams off their list, or I just don't think commit to the Big East at all, so assume it's that rather than me missing something, because I'm perfect and never mess anything up.


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