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Blood Eagle ❤️ 🦅 + Death Metal = Perfection

As Nightmare Brewing says on their website, "Bringing together Ingredients, Death Metal and our horrific history into a cohesive liquid experience". I MEAN. This is why I love them. Not only for their amazing beer that they brew, but for the stories and experiences that they put into brewing and who doesn't love a little #DeathMetal while sipping on their beers (I prefer Black Sabbath).

When I saw this, I knew that I had to have it. Not only for its amazing name, but because it was a sour, and what you will quickly learn about me is, I LOVE sours. Blood Eagle, a #ScandinavianStyle #SourAle brewed with lingonberries (ok, love) soured on D'Anjou pears, hawthorn berries, cloudberries, strawberries, plum and tart cherries. All the berries and cherries and death that could go into a beer are in this 7.5% #ABV sour. The flavors are intense and its tart but also sweet, a great mix of both. I am pumped that they distribute out in the #Midwest from MA and am excited to get my hands on more. I have another one in the fridge at the moment, an #IPA, which is rare for me, so be on the lookout for a review about that soon!

Have you tried any beer from Nightmare Brewing? Let me know so I can try to grab one to try! 🍻

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