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Breakfast with the Americans, but World Cup. Thanks for showing up. All eyes on 2026 World Cup.

Well, that sucked. Nobody was expecting a USA win, but I wasn't expecting a 3-1 loss. 1-0 loss would've been fine, a tied game going into PK's at least shows some fight, but nope. 3-1, and the US gave Netherlands this game on a silver platter.

I don't know if I am just an uber Patriot, but holy shit, can we start building a super powerhouse program? You're telling me the US wasn't in the lab back in the early 2000's cooking up the absolute monster, or at least start developing young guys to be absolute studs on the pitch.

Clearly soccer has caught the interest of American's. MLS is getting better, more leagues and programs are developing, but why the hell aren't we a super power yet?

Watching this game today showcase how bad US Soccer is. Netherlands was on our guys defensively like sap on your hand when you get your Christmas tree. While the US gave the Dutch every opportunity to score.

We have four years to build something. I would love to guarantee that the US wins on their home turf in 2026, but something has to give. No player is going to come out of the woodworks and be a star in the next four years, so it's this core that has to get better. This core of Pulisic, Weah, McKennie, Reyna, Dest, and Adams will hopefully be lethal in four years.

It was cool to see the country come together, but hopefully in the next four years the powers at be start building up a focus on soccer. Until then, back to the drawing board.

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