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Buck Showalter is your 2022 NL Manager of the Year

I'm genuinely happy for Buck, however this award would have been a lot nicer if the Mets did not collapse in the wildcard round. Also, this award announcement is kinda late and I feel like people fully stopped thinking about baseball.

When I look at last year with Luis Rojas and the disaster that was, it is nice to look at this and see that the Mets were able to bring it a competent guy. Even though they collapsed, I think the best manager in the entire world cannot escape a Met's collapse. They are just a cursed franchise. We have been waiting a long time for a competent manager and it feels nice to have our guy (for now).

Buck always almost made the right move. He knew the baseball rules better than the umpires and was a class act all around. The players love him and it seems like he really turned around this team from last year.

I am also very happy Buck won because he beat out Brian Snitker who I thought would definitely win. When the Braves came back from 10.5 games back and won the NL East, I was sure that Snitker would win the award. He actually finished third, behind Dave Roberts.

Lindor's daughter blew up this season in a postgame interview where she kept saying "Buck Buck." And Lindor responds "She loves Buck." Pretty adorable stuff.

When Buck won the award last night, Lindor recorded his daughter, and she still loves Buck.

Buck's message after winning the award was very nice as well. He said they were already grinding and getting ready for next season. Love that mindset and I will be counting down the days until Mets baseball is back so I can get my hopes up from April - August and then be let down in the most painful way in September.


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