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Buffalo Bills Week 8 Recap: A Fumbling Victory

Another week, another heart racing Buffalo Bills victory. The Bills have not beaten the New England Patriots at home since 2011, and had it not been for one of the most clutch plays all season long by defensive tackle Justin Zimmer, that might still be the case. Once again, for the seventh week in a row, let's go over the pro's and con's from the Bills' very close week 8 victory over the New England Patriots.



Zack Moss

The rookie running back makes this week's recap article as possibly the second biggest impact player from Buffalo's week 8 victory over New England. Moss rushed for 81 yards on 14 attempts and scored two touchdowns. For the first time this season, Buffalo's run game was the difference maker.

The offensive line

Zack Moss might have been our first pro of the game, but his performance doesn't happen without the stellar outing by the Bills' defensive line. After losing starting center Mitch Morse on the first drive of the game, it felt like it was going to be a long day for Bills' fans. Help was on the way however, as Jon Feliciano made his long awaited return to the O-line and it sure helped out. Feliciano turned in a great performance, helping the rest of the offensive line open huge holes for Zack Moss, Devin Singletary, and Josh Allen to run the football through.

Justin Zimmer

How can we forget about the possible player of the game?! Sometimes, all it takes is one big play to make you top dog for the week, and that's exactly what Zimmer did on Sunday afternoon. Up 24-21 with 37 seconds left in the fourth quarter, New England was threatening. Cam Newton looked like he had finally found his stride, and he was leading his team into Bills' territory. Myself, and other Bills' fans all around the world, sat with our fingers crossed, hoping that the Bills could at least hold the Patriots to a field goal, and send the game into overtime. Newton took matters into his own hands and opted to run the ball himself. A fatal mistake for the Patriots' hopes of securing a come from behind win in week 8. Defensive tackle, Justin Zimmer, threw himself at Cam Newton and was able to punch the ball loose from Newton's grip. Safety, Dean Marlowe, jumped on the ball. Game over. Bills win 24-21 to beat the Patriots in Buffalo for the first time since 2011.



Lack of opportunity for Beasley, Brown

In a game where head coach Sean McDermott and offensive coordinator Brian Daboll made sure to emphasize the running game, we didn't see a lot of Cole Beasley or John Brown. Beasley and Brown have been great weapon's for Josh Allen over the last few seasons, and I think I'm with a majority of Bills' fans when I say that I'm comfortable with the ball in Beasley's or Brown's hands. Naturally, Stefon Diggs has been Allen's favorite target since Buffalo acquired Diggs back in March, but I can't help but feel like Beasley and Brown could have made more of an impact on the game had they been given more opportunities. The nasty weather may have played a factor, but I'd still like to see Allen throw to Beasley and Brown more in week 9.

The defensive line.... Again

Another week, another team exploiting Buffalo's awful run defense. New England Patriots' running back Damien Harris was the difference maker for New England in this game. Had the Pats been able to pull off the victory, Harris might have been their player of the game. Harris rushed for 102 yards on 16 attempts, scored one touchdown, and was well on his way to scoring the game winning touchdown before Cam Newton fumbled the ball. In total, the Patriots were able to tally 188 rushing yards, and two rushing touchdowns against the Bills on Sunday.


Well, folks, I hate to say it... But over the last four weeks I have been overwhelmingly unimpressed by the Buffalo Bills' performance. The Bills were just barely able to defeat the winless New York Jets in week 7, and it took nothing short of a miracle to beat a struggling New England Patriots team in week 8, who were without many of their key players, mind you. Through the first four games of the season, this Bills team looked like they were on their way to give any AFC contender a run for their money. And now, heading into week 9 to face off against the mighty Seattle Seahawks, I fear that the Bills are going to amount to nothing more than just a wild card exit, unless Brandon Beane and the Buffalo front office can pull of a huge deal before tomorrow's trade deadline. Buffalo executives have a lot of work to do.

Cover your eye's, Bills Mafia. We might be in for a massacre in week 9 against Seattle. Until then, enjoy your week!

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