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Bull Spit Brewing: Acre Maker NEIPA

I never would have thought I'd have a beer brewed by a company that had the word "Spit" in it but, I did and it was great. Bull Spit Brewing based in Lancaster MA starting in 2009, they have grown from 50 acres to 150+ acres which is increidible. The land not only includes Bull Spit but Hilside Cedllars which is home to some amazing wines and snagreia. In thier brewery at the moment they have 10 beers on tap. Located next to the Bolton Fair, they have a prime location for local tourism.

Acere Maker is a New England IPA that pours a dark yellow that comes with a punch of hops at the first sip. It settles down like a bull once you get rid of the red cape and has an excellent after taste. The cool logo design says it all this is a good beer if you are looking for a simple IPA.

- ABV: 5.8%

- Flavor Profile: Hoppy and Manly forward citrus finish

- Color: Slight Amber

- Rating: 5.7


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